10 Awesome Ways to Reuse Your Old Computer Parts and Accessories

The Internet is buzzing with various DIY gadgets and trash craft ideas: DIY Christmas lights out of bottles, chick handbags out of vinyl records and nice-looking accessories out of pop tabs…

All those are fun and obviously useful because they develop a great habit of turning useless stuff into something cool (maybe even if that’s pretty much useless in the end). They spur creativity and hopefully get families together (in making something and inspiring each other).

This post is about creating really awesome things out of computer parts and accessories (which get old so quickly and need to be recycled properly). This post is meant to promote sustainable living in all its beauty: you never throw away anything, you turn it for real good:

1. Recycle a CD Case into a Garden Cloche

So simple and smart! It works like a mini greenhouse by offering climate control to help get new seedlings off to a good start (don’t forget to bookmark this idea for when the sunny gardening days are back!)

CD Case Garden Cloche

Source: CD Case into Garden Cloche

2. An Old Keyboard into Seedling Starter

So you have a few old keyboards and you have no idea how to make use of them? Why not try use them to green your interior a bit?

Can we say now we have an eco-friendly keyboard?

Keyboard Seedling Starter

Keyboard Seedling Starter

Keyboard Seedling Starter

Source: Greenery On Keyboard

3. An Old Computer Monitor into the Kitten’s Home

If you ever owned a cat, you know how much those creatures love to have a home. So why not make one using your old computer monitor? When beautified a bit, this can be turned into a really cute home actually:

Computer Monitor Cat Bed

Source: Recycle a Computer Monitor into a Cute Cat Bed

4. An Old Computer Board into an Aquarium

If you prefer fish, consider creating one of these really awesome-looking Computer aquariums! I am sure this would walk so relaxing and inspiring if you always have it on the table:

Computer Aquariums

Computer Aquariums

5. A Hard Drive into a Fun Clock

This clock is made using circuit boards from the hard drive and other various computer parts.
Clock dial is actual mirror-finished disk platter with gold colored raised numbers.

Yes, it might be hard to create one yourself: use this project to get inspired or if you really want to have one, buy it from Etsy user TecoArt:

Computer cat clock

6. Apple Keyboard into a Clock

Yet another awesome clock idea: the clock sports its original aqua blue, white and transparent finish and an “apple red” second hand.

Apple computer keyboard clock

Source: Apple iBook Blueberry Clamshell Laptop Keyboard recycled as Clock.

7. Recycled Circuit Boards into a Pencil Box

This funky pencil box could make a great present to your teen kid.

Recycled Circuit Boards into a Pencil Box

Source: Recycled circuit boards

8. Bird Feeder

What a great Winter present for your garden birds!

Bird feeder

9. Old CDs into Fun Coasters

I am sure everyone has tons of old CDs at home. There are many great ideas to reuse them including CD Lamp and CD Photo Frame. And here’s another one: Recycled CD coasters!

Recycled CD coasters

Source: Recycled CD coasters

10. Computer Art!

Mixed paint and used computer disks on wood: beautiful picture which can decorate your interior!


Source: Just another phantasie

This is a guest post by Annie who represents Cheap Stingy Bargains, an awesome resource of Dell coupon codes.

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  2. No wonder why Themelis Cuiper’s SocialGarden Biz case studies about social advertising & branding alerted about your web page, you are doing a brilliant job as he is pointing towards you?

  3. Nice post. I learn something totally new and challenging on websites I stumbleupon everyday.

    It’s always interesting to read through content from other authors and use a little something from their websites.

  4. I’m a treehugger and green nut myself. I’m very spiritual in terms of harmonizing with everything. Got any creative ideas for reusing old laptops? I’ve seen plenty of hacks for standalone LCD screens and projector mods. I currently am using mine for a meditation zafu, as weird as that seems, at least until I get a working OS on it. It got a virus and now there’s nothing on it, just a black screen, so it’s pretty much dead until that gets fixed. It still gets warm when I turn it on, so it makes a great heating pad at the moment. I just like to turn it on and sit on it until it gets hot and turns off, though I know this probably is not a good thing to do with a laptop.


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