5 Ways to Go Green With Heating and Cooling at Home

tintEvery time that you receive an energy bill in the mail, if you’re anything like us, you find yourself wondering just what it is you need to do in order to get the rates down. After all, as much as you’d like to stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter, what you’d probably like even more is to be able to save as much money as possible in the process.

If that’s the case, you’re in luck. Below, we are actually going to share with you five ways to go green with your heating and cooling while you’re at home. And the great thing about these tips is that they’re good for your budget but ultimately, they’re ultimately also pretty good for the environment too.

Put down some “green” insulation. One of the best ways to keep your house at a comfortable temperature all year round is to make sure that your attic is well-insulated. According to many contractors, a good amount of insulation to have is around 12″, so look to see if yours is currently that thick. If it’s not or there are signs of extreme wear and tear, replace the insulation that you do have with some that is made out of some green material like sheep’s wool, cotton or aerogel.

Install a programmable thermostat. Definitely one of the cheapest, quickest and most effective ways to be eco-friendly with your HVAC unit is to have a programmable thermostat installed. That way, you can pre-set it to run at the temperature that you need in the day, the evening and even what you’d like it to be while you’re away. And here’s the other great thing: in order for your house to remain at a pleasant temperature in the summer and winter seasons, you can set it to around 73 degrees and that temperature will decrease your energy costs.

Use your ceiling fans. It probably comes as no surprise to you that if you want to help to circulate the air in your home during the summertime, it’s a good idea to turn on your ceiling fans. But did you know that by setting them to rotate counterclockwise, you can pull the heat that has risen to the ceiling down closer to you during the winter months? Ceiling fans are a great way to help with both heating and cooling your house all year long.

Get your HVAC unit serviced. If you were to speak with a carrier an air conditioning expert about something that you can do to be more eco-friendly as it relates to your heating and cooling, one thing that they would probably recommend is that you have your HVAC unit professionally serviced twice a year. That way, you can be sure that your unit is running at its optimal condition and the better it runs, the less of a chance that it will leak fluids and ultimately, the more money you will save.

Have your windows professionally tinted. Something else that you can do to better regulate the temperature inside of your home is to have your windows professionally tinted. Not only will it protect your home from the sun’s glare and prevent your furniture’s fabric from fading in the summer but it can also keep the warmth in your house from escaping during the summer. Plus, it’s a great way to get more privacy being that window tinting makes it easy for you to look outside while it prevents others from looking in. For more information on window tinting, contact your local home improvement store.

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  1. Also make sure to turn your heating unit off when you’re not home, or even turn it down all the way while you sleep! My roommate and I have considerably decreased out heating bill because of this! Be proactive!

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