Green Spring Cleaning Tips

Now that winter is slowing down and giving way to the first glimpse of joyful, lovely spring we finally have a chance to open our windows, banish the cobwebs and do a bit of spring cleaning. Often however the chemicals we work with in our daily lives can be a bit too much for those of us with allergies or similar issues. There is no sense in throwing resources into many new cleaning materials, as we have quite a bit of useful ones in our homes already. The following tips will give you an idea what you can use even in your home with minimal trips to the store, already using much of what you own:

There are some basic supplies you will want to have available on hand, and chances are you already posses quite a bit of them yourself. Most of them are indeed quite simple:

Distilled white vinegar
Baking Soda
Olive Oil
Microfiber cleaning cloths
Liquid castile soap (available in natural food stores)
Essential oils (natural plant oils available in the same stores)
Newspapers or a wash leather

Green Spring Cleaning Tips

Now you don’t necessarily need to possess all of those, in fact you can easily use the first three, as chances are high that you already have them in your home in decent quantities. Here are some basic and easy recipes for most situations when cleaning is needed:

Glass can be cleaned with a simple mixture of a quarter cup vinegar with about two glasses of water. Place it in a spray bottle, spray on the glass and use old newspapers, lint-free cloth or a wash leather.

Countertops as well as bathroom tiles can be cleaned with a mix of vinegar and baking soda in water. The ratio of this cleaning solution is 2:1:4 parts. Simply apply that on the surface with a sponge, scour and wipe away when you’re done.

Cleaning your floors is an even easier task, you can do that with about a gallon of hot water mixed with four cups of white vinegar. Use that mixture to wipe your floors clean and if you don’t like the scent of vinegar, you can always add a bit of lemon oil or peppermint. This will leave a better scent and you’ll allow the scent of vinegar to disappear quickly.

Cleaning your wooden furniture can be an even easier task – simply combine lemon juice, olive oil and use that to rub the furniture. The acid of the olive oil will help dissolve stains, while the oil will help buff it to a shine.

You can clean your toilet bowl with a brush sprinkled with baking soda. Use the grit of the baking soda to scrub away until all is gone. Its perfectly safe and natural and if you feel like disinfecting it, you can either do that with straight vinegar or with borax instead.

You can make a disinfectant of your own by combining two teaspoons of borax, three cups hot water, four tablespoons of white vinegar and about a quarter teaspoon of liquid castile soap. Use that on a dampened cloth or in a spray bottle, then wipe clean and you’re done.
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