How to Make a Christmas Tree Topper from Bed Springs!

On a visit to our local antique store this morning we found an excellent use for old bed springs, you can make ornamental Christmas tree toppers in a matter of minutes and decorate them with all manner of old objects like odd buttons!

Bed Spring Christmas Tree Topper

Bed Spring Christmas Tree Topper

You simply cut an old bed spring from a metal sprung mattress base and then spray paint it with your desired color. You can then glue or tie ornaments such as old buttons and ribbons to decorate your recycled bedspring tree topper!

We found some ready made Bed Spring Christmas tree toppers on Etsy in the Shabby USA Creations store;

Shabby USA Creations on Etsy

Shabby USA Creations on Etsy

These ornamental holiday bed spring creations can also be used as decorative candle holders.

Do you have your own ideas for creative recycled holiday ornaments? We’d love to hear from you…

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2 Responses to “How to Make a Christmas Tree Topper from Bed Springs!”

  1. That is so creative! I would never have thought of something so cool. :-( One of my daughters used pipe cleaners to make a present shaped tree topper for our tree this year. It actually came out kinda cute.

    • Hi Jennifer, we’re glad you found us, thanks for the comment. We will give the pipe cleaner tree topper a try next year :)
      P.S. Love your family of seven blog.

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