How to Start Conserving More Gas, Water, and Electricity at Home

electricityOne thing that’s a fact of life for all of us is bills. And when it comes to our energy costs, this would include gas, water and electricity. The thing is, sometimes our energy expenses are higher than they need to be simply because we are not aware of the simple things that we can do in order to decrease the costs. The good news is that conserving energy is certainly not hard to do.

If you’d like a few tips on how you can get your gas, water and electricity to cost less each month, we’ve got five effective ones for you below:

Conduct an energy audit. Before you do anything else, the first thing that we recommend is that you conduct an energy audit. The reason why is because if you have water leaks in your bathroom, missing insulation or even appliances that are malfunctioning, an audit will reveal this to you. And the sooner you get these issues corrected, the lower your energy bills will be. For instructions on how to do your own energy audit, visit The Daily Green and put “DIY energy audit” in the search field.

Use natural light more often. Do you have big windows throughout the rooms of your house? If so, why not open up your windows and blinds and let more natural light shine through? Not only will it save you money on your energy bills, but it can give you some much needed Vitamin D too. And, if you’re concerned that keeping your windows open will compromise your privacy, you can always get your windows professionally tinted. That way, you can look outside of them but people on the outside will not be able to look in.

Get a low-flow showerhead and toilet. Are you interested in knowing what you can do to get your water expenses down? When it comes to your bathroom, we recommend that you install a low-flow showerhead and toilet. By purchasing both, you can save many gallons of water each day and ultimately save 30-40 percent on energy costs each year. Plus, you can get both for under $400. It’s a great household investment.

Let things dry naturally. One company that is respected for being a leader in conserving energy is Ambit Energy. In fact, when the company first started and now seven years later Ambit Energy is Thompsons billion dollar baby , a big part of that is because of all of the failsafe ways that the company helps individuals to save energy at home. Well, one tip that Ambit Energy offers is that when it comes to your dishes and clothes, it’s a good idea to let those things dry naturally. By not using the dry setting on your dishwasher and not always relying on your dryer, it’s just one more way to significantly reduce your energy costs.

Have your HVAC unit professionally inspected. And finally, something else that you should do is have your HVAC unit professionally inspected twice a year. The reason why is because if you use your unit on a constant basis, being that it requires a lot of energy, you want to make sure that it’s working at an optimal level at all times. So, before the summer and winter seasons arrive, make sure to call a professional over to look over the unit. It’s just one more proven way to conserve energy at your home.

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  1. Just making a few small adjustments can lower your bills considerably. You can actually automate those savings. For example, you need to check the efficiency of your boiler, set thermostatic controllers on radiators and have a temperature controller and timer to adjust the workings of your boiler. Setting your temperature controller 1 degree lower can reduce your bill as much as %5.

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