Recycled Christmas Tree Ornaments Top 10

You are probably about to decorate this years Christmas tree so we wanted to share our Top 10 list of ornaments made from recycled materials. Many of these awesome eco creations could be made at home from recyclables but each of the top 10 recycled Christmas tree ornaments shown below can be purchased online.

Number 1: Recycled Mother Board Ornaments

These ornaments are made from recycled computer circuit boards and they’re some of our favorites, a top pick for any green geeks!
Avialable from

Recycled Christmas Tree Ornaments from Used Motherboards!

Recycled Christmas Tree Ornaments from Used Motherboards!

Number 2: Fabulous Recycled Beer Bottle Holly Leaves

These beautiful holly ornaments are made from recycled beer bottles, there has been a lot of skill and time put into each one of these ornaments;
Recycled Beer Bottle Ornaments

Recycled Beer Bottle Ornament

Recycled Beer Bottle Ornament

Number 3: Recycled Old Lightbulbs Made into Ornaments

These cute ornaments are made by the “bulb-painter” and are a cool re-use of old lights bulbs as ornaments;
Available from the Bulb Painters Etsy Store

Recycled Light Bulb Ornament

Recycled Light Bulb Ornament

Number 4: Eco-Fi Polyester Felt and Recycled Plastic

Made from eco fabrics and recycled plastic these fabulous ornament stockings are a green choice.
Buy these Eco-Fi Ornaments at Etsy

Eco-Fi Polyester Felt Ornaments

Eco-Fi Polyester Felt Ornaments

Number 5: Recycled Bike Chain Decorations

These gorgeous ornaments are made from recycled bicycle chains!
Available online from the Animal Rescue Site – Recycled Bike Chain Ornaments

Recycled Bicycle Chain Ornaments

Recycled Bicycle Chain Ornaments

Number 6: Those Old Tree Lights Can Hang Around a Little Longer

The ultimate in full circle recycling! Recycled tree lights made into a tree ornament;
Buy these recycled tree light ornaments here

Recycled Tree Light Ornaments

Recycled Tree Light Ornaments

Number 7: Recycled Glass Infused Ornaments, Expensive Looks but Eco-Friendly

Made with recycled glass these classy ornaments look great whilst being eco friendly;
Buy Online at

Recycled Glass Infused Christmas Tree Ornaments

Recycled Glass Infused Christmas Tree Ornaments

Number 8: Last Years Tree Can Now Hang on This Years Tree!

Most Christmas trees get hauled off to a landfill but these wonderful ornaments are made from last years tree!
Buy These from Vintage Indie – Last Years Tree Ornaments

Made From Last Years Christmas Tree!

Made From Last Years Christmas Tree!

Number 9: Recycled in the UK – Used CD Ornaments

All the way from the UK, these recycled CDs will truly sparkle;
Buy them at Nigels Eco-Store – Recycled CD Ornaments

A Shiny Recycled Compact=

A Shiny Recycled Compact Disk Ornament

Number 10: Brightly Painted Recycled Incandescent Bulbs

Another painted recycled incandescent bulb but very brightly painted, lots to choose from;
Available on Etsy – Recycled Incandescent Bulbs Brightly Painted

Recycled Incandescent Light Bulb Ornament

Recycled Incandescent Light Bulb Ornament

Do you have your own recycled Christmas tree ornament ideas to share? Let us know by leaving a comment…

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15 Responses to “Recycled Christmas Tree Ornaments Top 10”

  1. that cool stuff but you need to put some stuff that you can make with cardborad not with lightbulbs

  2. those all all great… luv them… pls check out our ornaments at they are fair trade made of natural fiber products… compostable, natural fiber wool. they are hand made in nepal. we pay the artisans 30% above the local wage rate and give back 100% of our profits to the artisans. i'm the only employee at and i don't take a salary or any compensation… we outsource all backoffice operations and everyone works on commission to keep costs low. we price everything as low as we can and pay the artisans as much as we can. we only use natural fiber materials… no leather and no synthetics. pls stop by for a visit and help us get the good word out. thank you!! ed–

  3. great ideas, but why are some displayed on fake trees!!!

  4. These are awesome…I especially love the cd ornament, I can only imagine how many cd ornaments could be made these days:) Another great sustainable gift idea is through Fair World Partners. We work with artisans throughout the third world under fair trade principles. Great finds!


  5. Good idea. We r save our environment. Thanks

  6. Pretty! This was an extremely wonnderful article. Many thanks for providing this info.

  7. It was at this time that the male head of the property in several educated households would create auspicious characters
    or phrases to be hung at the entrance to the house.
    Some also waited for this day to approach the ancestral
    altar for seasonal rites, and to perform ritual ketou.


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