Teaching Children How to Cut Energy Costs at Home

conserveAll of us have had moments when we’ve looked at out electricity or water bills and thought to ourselves “There’s got to be something that we can do to get these costs down.” Yet when you happen to live in a house that’s full of people, even if you personally are doing things that are considered to be energy efficient, that doesn’t necessarily mean that they are. Especially if some of the people sharing your space are children.

The good news is that there are some things that you can do to get your energy costs down and also teach your children how to be wise about the amount of electricity and water that they consume. If you’d like some tips on ways that you can show them how to be more energy efficient, we have five effective ones for you below:

Put signs above your light switches. Even as adults, sometimes we forget to turn out a light when we’re leaving a room. So, in order to get your children in the habit of doing so, put some small handmade signs above each light switch. It can simply say something like “turn me off” with an arrow pointing down under it. And to really get them motivated, you can even ask them to make the signs themselves.

Add a timer in the bathroom. Standing under some warm water can be really soothing. But if you’re not careful, you can look up and realize that you literally spent 15-20 minutes in the shower which is many (many) gallons of water. In order to encourage your kids to keep their time in the shower to 5-7 minutes, put a timer in the bathroom. They’ll be so interested in “beating the clock” that they’ll probably see it was more like a game than anything energy-related (and that’s just fine).

Encourage natural lighting. If you have young kids who are with you during the day or everyone is hanging out at home on the weekends, discourage them from turning on the lights “just because”. Usually, by opening up some curtains or blinds, that will provide accurate enough lighting. Plus, it will help to keep the energy costs down in the process.

Ask them to turn off the water. When kids are young, we tend to do all that we can to encourage them to wash their faces and brush their teeth. However, when they’re in the middle of brushing, it’s not really necessary for the water to be on. So, remind them that it’s a good idea to turn the faucets off and only use them when it’s time to wet their brushes or rinse the toothpaste out of their mouths.

Be a good example. If you were to ask an electricity company such as 123 Electric Service about what you can do to teach your children to use energy more wisely, we’re willing to bet that one of the main things they will recommend is that you set a good example for them to follow. After all, children tend to be far more drawn into what we do than what we say. So, as you’re coming up with ways to make your kids more aware of how they consume energy, be conscious of things that you might be doing to waste it too. That way, you can hold each other accountable and ultimately, make your home a more energy efficient place to live for everyone.

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  1. Great suggestions for starting kids off on the right path. I would also add that teaching them how to properly wash and dry dishes without in the sink is a good practice as well. Now I always find myself just working with my hands!

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