Tracking Our Everyday Energy Usage: #1 The Electric Kettle

This post will be the first of many where we track our everyday energy usage using the fabulous P3 Kill-A-Watt Wireless electricity usage monitor. The first item that I chose to track was an obvious choice for someone who grew up in Britain, the electric kettle!
I drink copious amounts of tea and my trusty kettle is used several times a day, but how much electricity does it use?
We simply plugged the kettle into the Kill-A-Watt Wireless transmitter and then plugged that assembly into the wall socket.
Setting up the Kill-A-Watt Wireless was easy, we just entered the price we pay per kilowatt hour and chose to monitor dollars and cents spent as opposed to carbon emissions.

After tracking almost 3 days of usage, 60 hrs, we found that the electric kettle and my tea habit was costing us approximately 2c per day in electricity.

The coolest thing about the Kill-A-Watt Wireless is that it calculates how much electricity a particular item will use over a week, month and year. At the click of a button I saw that my tea drinking costs $7.45 per year in electricity.
Not too expensive then!
It also calculates operating energy, I found out that our kettle runs at 12 Amps and 1328 Watts on a 114 Volt circuit.
The low electricity usage of the electric kettle shows that if I want to save energy I need to focus on other appliances, my next target for monitoring will be the television, tune in next time for the television results.

If you are interested in buying the Kill-A-Watt Wireless you can visit their store here;
P3 Kill-A-Watt Wireless


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2 Responses to “Tracking Our Everyday Energy Usage: #1 The Electric Kettle”

  1. Fascinating! I can’t wait to read about other devices–TV? Computer?

    • Hi Mary, glad you liked the article, we’re working on tracking the electricity used by our TV for the next installment. We’re absolutely loving the Kill-A-Watt Wireless, it’s such a cool gizmo and it tells you exactly how much money is being spent on electricity :)

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