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  1. In the workplace, when you meet the holidays, customers’ birthdays, visit customers, leadership birthdays, etc., want to send gifts to leaders, but they are afraid of other colleagues who say they are fart, do not want to give leaders a bribe, and want to express their own minds. How to give gifts is the best, can you help yourself?

    The gift to the leader is different from customers. For the leader, you must do not reveal the traces, naturally, and let the leader feel that you are attentive, but it is not deliberate, so it is successful. The leader will remember your goodness, and you will tilt to you when you have a chance.
    First, be a person who pays attention in the first work. You can usually get along with the leader or observe the leadership of the leadership as a preparation of the gift giving in advance in the later period. Because gift giving is not a sudden attack, it is a long time after preparation.

    The choice of gifts lies in intention, not value. This must be understood. If you talk about value, there is no trick, and you can directly calculate the cash. So to discover some unexpected joy attentively, it is the core point for leaders to be dark.
    It, use the words of borrowing flowers to offer Buddha. For example, the leader loves to drink tea. Even if you buy tea, don’t say that you want to lead the leader like tea, you buy some intentions. Accept your gift for no reason.

    So you must say: Leader, I have a relative to do business in Yunnan, come back to visit relatives and bring me two boxes of tea. A box of taste is not worth any money, it is authentic. At this time, the leader must be satisfied, because you are not delivered directly, you are shared with him with a good thing. At this time, he may be very clear, but he will also say: Okay, since it is characteristic, I will taste it, and I will taste it. During this time, you work very seriously and continue. In this sentence, your purpose is achieved.

  2. Share 5 practical words when giving gifts, so that others will not refuse you

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  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer dear, hello, I am glad to answer it for you. Hello, you can directly say that you can give gifts to this activity. It is true and effective. After she receives it, you will ask her to help promote it and let her classmates get gifts. Hope my answer is helpful to younIf you are satisfied with my answer, I hope you can give a praise, thank you! I also wish you a happy life, everything is good nHow to lay a way to ask the question in the early stagenAnswer 1. The likes must be truly strict; many people launch such activities, thinking that everyone does not care, and does not announce the results, and no red envelope is issued. The word of mouth is over. 2. When launching a likes for the first time, it is not appropriate to send all friends; to put it bluntly, it is natural. If you are more unfamiliar in the circle, the rushing group will cause the other party’s disgust and delete you directly. All groups are suitable for several such likes such like these activities. Generally, the likes when new products are released are most suitable for group issuance, and it is also an advertisement reminder. 3. When the results are announced, it must be prompted in the original friend circle provisions; you can add a sentence: Due to the number of participants, there are many special winning friends, thank you for your support. The screenshots of the winning and winning must be sent to your circle of friends clearly and solemnly, so as to show your strict professionalism.nThe question was announced, now this is the case. I want to let my sister help me propagate. What should I say?nAnswer my sister, I am doing micro -business now, and I like to send gifts. The activities are true and effective. You can like it and then help me promote promotion to your classmates. Various gifts.nAsk questionsnAnswer n6 morenBleak

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