Hello, master. I want to know about the polishing of gold jewelry.

4 thoughts on “Hello, master. I want to know about the polishing of gold jewelry.”

  1. Thousands of gold jewelry cannot be polished with polishing machine! It is too soft, and it is too much polishing! And it will not make it on the surface! Generally, the finished products of thousands of gold jewelry are used with agate knives, and sometimes it is used with metal compression! They are like knives, but they are just thicker. Why do they use it? It is because the hardness of the thousands of gold with the hardness of agate can just turn it on without hurting it! They must cooperate with water that can be used for oil! The K gold jewelry will use the polishing machine to polish. After the processing is cleaned, there are no places. Use metal compression to lighten up. There is also an electroplating color! The polishing knife is generally sold in the place where jewelry processing tools are sold!

  2. Just buy the agate knife, you can use the jewelry at home to make the mirror effect. It is not recommended to use tungsten steel knife. I always feel that the stuff will scrape the jewelry.

  3. I have been making jewelry for so many years. Agate knife does see how you choose how to polish with agate, but the loss of small loss of polishing motor is the general process. Cleaning means that the surface of the jewelry has a poor surface after the inverted mold.

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