4 thoughts on “I will buy a diamond ring right away. How big is the diamond?”

  1. 50 points of diamonds weigh 0.1 grams. Due to the different cutting process, 50 -point diamonds of different shapes are different. Taking the standard circular diamonds as an example, its diameter is 5.2mm, the height is 3.1mm, and the diameter of the downward is 3.0mm. It is about the size of mung beans.
    This and divisions are the weight of the diamond. The difference is that carats mainly measure diamonds with more than one carat, such as 1 carat, 2 carats, 2.5 carats, and so on. The score is mainly measured diamonds below one carat, such as 30 points, 50 points, 70 points. According to the current standard, 1 carat = 100 points = 0.2 grams. So we can conclude that 50 points of diamond weigh 0.1 grams.
    Due to the different cutting process, the diamond shape is different, and its visual size is different. Taking common circular diamonds as an example, 50 -point round diamonds have a diameter of 5.2mm, a height of 3.1mm, and a downlink diameter of 3.0mm. Just say the value, maybe everyone can not feel the size of the 50 -point circular diamonds very intuitively. For example, according to the normal circular cut, 1 carat diamond looks like soybeans, and 50 -point diamonds look like mung bean size.
    In addition to round diamonds, the size of some heterosexual diamonds is also different. For example, the diameter of the fifty -level square diamonds is about 4.4mm, the size of the 50 -dynamic oval diamonds is 6mm*4mm, the diameter of the fifty -type heart -shaped diamond is about 5.4mm. The diamond size is 7mm*4.5mm, and the 50 -point diamond size of the Rodne -shaped cutting is 5mm*4.5mm and so on.
    The fifty -point diamond ring is a popular choice for the size of a proposal ring on the market. The first price of this weight diamond ring is generally between 8,000 yuan and 20,000 yuan, which is the price that ordinary consumers can bear. On the other hand, 50 -point diamond ring is also very suitable for daily wear, gorgeous but not publicity.
    Of course, many newcomers may want a larger diamond ring, but the budget is not sufficient, so you can remedy from the following two aspects:
    1. Choose the diamond style
    , though we have the size of the diamond, we have already been OK, but in order to make the diamond ring look bigger, we can choose the six -claw inlaid, dense inlaid diamonds and other styles. Among them, the six -claw diamond ring shows the bright light of the diamond, making the diamond look more shiny, and the diamonds are even more diamonds. Essence The dense inlaid diamond ring is inlaid around the main diamond, which can highlight the size of the main diamond.
    2, choose the shape of the large shape
    different shapes of diamonds look different visual effects, like square diamonds look larger, so if you want to compare diamond rings, you can choose five five diamond rings, you can choose five. Very square diamond ring. Although the fifty -point diamond ring is not a big diamond ring, it is more suitable for daily wear. It is a diamond ring with a higher cost performance. After all, diamond ring belongs to luxury goods. When buying, ordinary consumers should pay attention to their strength.

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