Is there a men's platinum ring?

I have seen a few models on the official website, and all of them are ladies ~~~
not diamond ring, but ring ring. Is there a picture of the platinum ring without diamonds?

3 thoughts on “Is there a men's platinum ring?”

  1. Of course. It's just that the male ring is the part of the jewelry industry. So everyone does not do it very carefully, after all, there are still a few who buy men's diamond ring. You should go to the store to see it.

  2. Zhou Dafu Platinum does not have the difference between men and women. Men's ring and women's rings are the same, but the size of the circle mouth is different

    Thenality, and Chow Tai Fook Platinum has PT950 and PT990 (foot platinum)

    It, you have to choose one that suits you

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