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  1. The women's clothing department of rehabilitation roads is recommended. It is cheap and cheap, but the quality is not easy to say
    The traffic and trade square next to the rehabilitation road. The Northwest Trade Center, but there are not many wholesale here. The quality is also a little higher upstairs. The negative floor is a small thing, such as cross -stitch, plush toys, jewelry, umbrella, wedding, wedding, wedding, wedding, wedding, wedding, wedding, wedding celebration The supplies, go and see
    , if you do business and buy a lot of goods, it is recommended to go colorful, there are many types, and there are many grades. The colorful is the east of the railway station. There are two stations. Opposite the passenger station, it is also convenient to ship.
    At the same time, you can also inquire about Anrenfang, there is also a colorful, you can also check it out

  2. Xi'an's Fu Shuang Market is a large -scale concentration on the rehabilitation road. There are many stalls over there. In addition to women's clothing, there are other women, such as underwear and clothing

  3. 1. Northwest Garment City (south of Changle West Road Road) on the east of the wholesale market. Take the bus under the Northwest Clothing City.
    2. Northwestern Trade Center opposite the wholesale market. Take the bus under the rehabilitation road.
    3. Australian dragon, Jinlang, and Xintiandi Trading City on the west of the wholesale market. Take the bus under Anrenfang.
    4. East China Clothing Plaza opposite Kim Lang Commercial City. Take the bus under Anrenfang.
    5. The colorful mall opposite the Sanfu Bay Passenger Station of Xi'an. Take the bus under the colorful mall.

  4. Xi'an, many wholesale mid -high -end goods on Changle West Road. Like Anrenfang, there are two colorful markets and two wholesale markets in East China, as well as Northwestern trade across the rehabilitation road. ...

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