1 thought on “Use eggs and gift cards to attract the elderly for the old man.”

  1. CCTV, Beijing, September 2 (Reporter Zhao Wei) According to the voice of the Central Radio and Television Economy "Everyday 315", some businesses often come up with some small gifts to attract consumers during the sales of goods. If With the temptation of gifts, consumers may fall into a trap that "get a small cheap, then spend a large price".

    The Ms. Hao, consumers in Shenyang, recently reported to the Voice of Economics "Everyday 315" program group: a week ago, several Guangdong Rongsheng Electric staff went to the community to promote the water purifier products. But at the beginning, they did not show the product to the community, but issued eggs to the residents of the community, gave gift cards, and agreed with the residents who received gifts. waterplane.

    The Ms. Hao listened to the elderly at home and said that the staff of Guangdong Rongmou Electric drove a bus the next morning and took away more than 20 residents who registered in the community. Among them, the elderly were the old people. Most, Ms. Hao's 85 -year -old family is also among them. During the visit, the staff showed the entire process of purifying tap water through the purifiers to these consumers. In the end, ten consumers, including Ms. Hao's family, bought water purifiers, each 1980 yuan. When Ms. Hao arrived home, she found that the water purifier was installed.

    If according to the information provided by Ms. Hao, Rongsheng sales staff promised on the receipt that this water purifier was free for free repair and 10 filter elements. But they did not provide regular invoices or warranty cards. Ms. Hao then learned that this product was not sold in regular mall counters. She called the customer service phone of Guangdong Rongsheng Electric Co., Ltd.. The other party said that the water purifier purchased by Ms. Hao's family is indeed the company's product, but the filter element must be charged.

    In addition to questioning the quality of the product and after -sales service, Ms. Hao is even more unacceptable to the sales method of Rongsheng water purifier. She believes that it is not appropriate to attract consumers with small gifts to attract consumers, and then use bus to pull the 85 -year -old man to visit the product.

    . Ms. Hao proposed a return fee to the sales staff of Rongsheng, and was rejected at first. The other party said that once it is installed, it affects the second sales and cannot be returned. After negotiation, the sales staff agreed to return the goods, but because the water purifier has been installed and the filter element is also used, the cost of more than 400 yuan must be deducted.

    Stocks of Guangdong Rongsheng Technology Co., Ltd. What are the problems of sales staff in Shenyang? How should consumers deal with similar situations? Hu Gang, a lawyer of Beijing Chaoyang Law Firm, pointed out: "There are many ways to sell like this, but it may be more expensive for free. The subsidy may eventually allow consumers to post it. The bus to visit the bus will guide consumers to enter a relatively closed space. These so -called conference marketing will be packed and carefully packaged. Layers of layers, helping hands, urging or temptation. In this case, many consumers will meet. Can't stand the persuasion, paying a lot of money to buy products and services that may not be required. And the cost performance of such products and services in related markets is often not high. Therefore, consumers must maintain such conference marketing or early drainage sales models. Necessary wishes. "

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