5 thoughts on “What should the company's event prizes buy?”

  1. The company's activity prizes can give some creative gifts, or gifts with strong practicality in daily life, which is more likely to be liked by employees.

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  2. Last year's event gifts for our company's annual meeting were the first prize to reward the car, the second prize was iPhone X, the third prize was iPad, and the Midu brand of all the names of a company's name was customized. I got the gift box of MIDU, which contains the U COOS charging treasure and three pieces of pens. I carved my name, hey, only this character.

  3. Practical and beautiful daily necessities, commemorative gifts, such as our company's annual conferences generally have bedding, smart small appliances, mobile phones, supermarket shopping cards, etc., you can also engage in some souvenirs according to the theme of the event.

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