3 thoughts on “Where can there be a better gift shop in Shenyang”

  1. Crystal crafts, right? Similar to the crystal ball in the bar, and the decoration in the mall? Some shopping malls have some, but they are outrageous.
    It, you go to the small commodity of the Wuai Market, where there are, I have seen it, all of which are sold by the southerners. The lies are big and the price is ruthless, but it is cheaper than the mall!
    It you go to the small product of the small product, ask someone to ask, and say that you can find the right place when you buy a craft! Not only crystal crafts, but also ore crafts and jade.

    This to buy this thing, it is generally not returned!

  2. Near the Zhongjie Rose Hotel, there is a whimsical opening next to the plain space (general level, most students and young people) … Opposite the middle of the street, there is one on the same side of the big stage of the Xinglong family, but I don’t know what the name is called Name (similar to the whimsical openness) … Outside Zhongjie Street, there is one next to Dongxiang Golden Store (this is high, very distinctive, suitable for rich people).
    The know so much
    In 117 roads from Shenyang Wuai Market
    213 bus to the small commodity world in Zhongjie
    home furnishings in small commodities big world Jewelry and life gifts are the cheapest, but there is no personality. They are all public goods
    next to the main entrance of the Xinglong family
    is also Huanggu Beihang Mall
    The Tiexi Jiu Road Market
    is very good to open a store on the seventh middle side
    R N You will like
    It every day
    I can’t afford it. Not far from Fangzhixiang
    This there is much better than those things that are full of streets
    and the one at the main entrance of Xinglong upstairs
    Call the small home room
    probably this name

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