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  1. Corals can be divided into shallow corals and deep sea corals. The shallow sea corals are also called reef corals. The coral reef platform developed by it can greatly alleviate the damage to the ecology of the coastal ecology of typhoons and storms. Deep sea corals are also called valuable corals. Because its petrochemical process is completed in the deep sea, the pores of coral jade are small, density, and dense structures. It is the main raw material for various carving art and jewelry. Due to the most precious red coral in deep sea corals, red corals can be divided into five categories: dark red coral, peach coral, pink coral, white coral, white coral.nGenerally, the materials used in the sales of coral jewelry in the market are the following ◎ Aka AKA (major production areas: Japan, a small part of Taiwan) translated from Japanese. The original meaning was red, which refers to red corals. ◎ Mo Mo MOMO (Main Production Area: Taiwan) is translated from Japanese. The original meaning was peach or peach color, and it refers to peach -colored corals. There are many colors of PS and MOMO. The transition colors from light red to red are available. Some are yellowish, and some are orange. ◎ Deepwater material (major production area: Pacific Midway Island), material with pink dots with white background ◎ White coral -like white coral is called in addition: Some people in the market call "children's noodles". The child's noodles refer to Aka Aka, which is very uniformly translucent of the pink, called Angel Skin angel skin, but as people's love for corals gradually heats up, there are different channels for coral mining and processing and selling. More and more.

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