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  1. Xiaobao's sterling silver jewelry, ZENGLIU flagship store, Ajidou flagship store, DODOGOGO flagship store, etc. These shops are some old stores, many fans, good sterling silver necklaces, good quality and trustworthy.
    The knowledge expansion:
    925 pure silver plating whites. Compared with gold, silver is a relatively unstable metal. It will become yellow and black because of external factors. In 925 silver-plated platinum (钯, 铑), it can effectively isolate the contact of 925 silver on external air. Such a platinum effect can be maintained for 4-12 months depending on your own protection procedures for jewelry. Cost color effect.
    925 sterling silver is the silver (92.5%) containing 9th of thousands of silver (92.5%). It is different from the traditional silver. In order to strengthen the hardness of the silver jewelry, it adds about 7.5%of the copper, so 925 silver silver silver The true color will present rice and silver instead of traditional silver white. Silver is a kind of unstable metal. The oil and fat of the healthy human body can maintain the silver color. It will turn yellow when wearing it in the air for a long time. , Soap, etc.) will suddenly turn black, so whether wearing silver jewelry can effectively maintain the silver color is also a manifestation of good health.
    The higher the purity, the white the silver, and the surface of the jewelry looks uniform and brighter. If it contains lead, the jewelry will show blue and gray; such as copper, the surface of the jewelry will appear rough, and the color is not moisturized.

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