How can a wig be styled?

​Can a wig be styled?

I believe there are a lot of people who can't believe, after all, normally see those wigs, feel the same, even if the style is similar. Wigs are also divided into numerous types, including artificial fiber wigs made by machines, human hair wigs crocheted by hand, and wigs that are half machine and half hand.

​Today, Xiaobian is a pure hand-made human hair pieces, which can be ironed and dyed, so it can meet people's different needs for hair styles. As for how to style your hair? We can take a look.

This is a braced bangs hairstyle, side part bangs and texture hot design, especially youthful, but also highly in line with his temperament and face shape. Some may ask: How can this wig be so realistic, as if it was made for him?

Yes, it's a custom-made wig, tailored to the man's actual situation and needs, so the wig fits his head and face, and it looks natural in his hair.

Not only that, the wig also uses the needle delivery process of the simulation scalp, the perfect fusion of the human hair and the bottom net material. The scalp is extremely realistic, can be arbitrary seam, face to face can not see.

69f4e19be2d2787c030ab8fba7d6c52cLook at the hair, scalp and overall styling. Does it feel like his own hair?

The SECOND IS THE BACK. THIS IS a more mature and stable hairstyle, extremely suitable for workplace men, in revealing three-dimensional facial features while also showing confidence and aura.

Hairstyles like this, which show the forehead, really test the technique of the wig and the hairdresser's skill. The hairline has to be extremely thin and invisible, so that no one can see through it.

When we look at the close-up of the hairline, we can see that it is a extremely thin material, worn on the hair without any help, easily saves the hairline, but also has a handsome and fashionable hairstyle.

The final hairstyle does not require a visible forehead. It is a flat fringe hairstyle, which is extremely friendly for people with steep foreheads. Black and thick hair, as if to let him back to the student period, appearance level also considerably improved. As expected, more hair is the king.

In addition to these three hairstyles, wigs can also be used in different hairstyles, such as tinfoil perm, airplane and mohican, flat cut, etc., which can be customized according to individual needs.

Wearing a wig to alter your hairstyle or cover up your hair loss is a straightforward and effective way to do so if you're looking for a different look.

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