apm jewelry wholesale Qingdao Aunt's nucleic acid detection is full of gold ornaments on her body, and the shape is fashionable and stunned. How about the response?

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4 thoughts on “apm jewelry wholesale Qingdao Aunt's nucleic acid detection is full of gold ornaments on her body, and the shape is fashionable and stunned. How about the response?”

  1. quality stainless steel jewelry wholesale There is a new case of new crown pneumonia in Qingdao, Shandong. In order to do a good job of epidemic prevention, the people of Qingdao implement a comprehensive test. However, in this serious atmosphere, the dressing of a aunt in Qingdao made everyone's eyes shine. Many people cast envy eyes. What was going on?
    It in Qingdao, Shandong, a citizen said that when a aunt conducted nucleic acid testing on Yunnan Road, Shinan District, he was covered with gold ornaments, which instantly attracted the attention of the people at the scene. I saw a dozen big gold chains hanging around her neck, and more than a dozen gold bracelets on her wrist. The whole person looked glittering. In addition, the dress of the aunt also made everyone's eyes shine. I saw her stained with blond hair and wearing golden frame glasses on her face, looking like a rich wife in the upper society.
    Mye's high -profile shape has attracted everyone to take pictures, but she seems to have been used to this scene. Facing the gaze of everyone, the aunt performed very naturally. When the nucleic acid test was completed, the aunt left the scene under the gaze of the crowd. Afterwards, some citizens exposed the video on the Internet. Netizens have talked about it after watching it.
    of course, some people also questioned that the aunt was deliberately showing off their wealth. After all, who would be full of gold and jewelry? Regarding the questions of netizens, the staff of the nucleic acid detection point of Yunnan Road in Qingdao explained that he said that the aunt was indeed a resident of Yunnan Street. She usually likes to wear gold jewelry when she goes out. Rich.
    Is after showing the rumors of wealthy wealth, everyone began to be interested in the aunt's gold jewelry.
    The netizens lamented: "So many gold jewelry, it seems that the aunt's house is rich, and her husband loves her very much."
    It also some netizens ridiculed: "Fortunately, this is in China. If this is 100 % of the aunts abroad, it will be stared at by the robbers, so it is still our public security."
    Let's not be too sour. This is also the aunt's personal hobby. Compared to the golden jewelry Tibetan, it is better to wear it. However, I still worry about my aunt. Although it is good to say that China ’s public order is good, it is best to“ converge ”in the future. After all, there are few people who do n’t feel excited in front of money. It is a trivial matter if the criminal gold jewelry is really encountered. It would be bad if the other party hurts people, so for its own safety, you still have to leak money as little as possible. What do you think about this matter?

  2. largest gold jewelry wholesaler Later, the aunt returned to her simple dress and cooperated with the inspection of epidemic prevention work, but the aunt’s fashion has been known by everyone

  3. i love jewelry wholesale After the response, the aunt also realized that her mistakes should not show off their wealth publicly in public, which also caused some trouble for the staff.

  4. fashion jewelry brand wholesale Of course still live her life. Aunt is usually like this. Wearing gold and silver is just a personal hobby. It is the same as the current young girl wearing a necklace.

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