One Comment on “Cultural relics in Xi'an Drum Tower”

  1. Under the third eaves of the Drum Tower, there is a plaque on each of the north and south.
    "The Land of Culture and Martial Arts" was initially after the completion of the renovation of the Drum Tower.
    In the five years of Qianlong (1740) in the Qianlong of the Qing Dynasty (1740), the Gulou was rebuilt. According to legend, it is the book "Famous Confucianism" in Xianning County. The two plaques are 8 meters long and 3.6 meters wide. The two plaques in the north and south were once hailed as two "pearls" inlaid on the drum tower of Xi'an, and they experienced the wind and rain with the Drum Tower.
    During the "Cultural Revolution" period, a large number of ancient buildings were destroyed by artificial buildings, and the two plaques were not spared. "Farewell" the drum building with it. From then on, the two plaques in China, the "first level of the world" in Shanhaiguan, and the "civil and military land" of Xi'an Gulou have only one plaque.
    In 1982, the Xi'an Bell and Drum Tower Museum started to restore two plaques, and began to investigate and research and evidence collection. Since 1988, there have been places and proposals to restore plaques at each city -people conference and CPPCC meeting. At the same time, the active participation of the general public in Xi'an has also greatly promoted the process of restoring the plaque work.
    from March to July 2004, Xi'an CPPCC and Shaanxi Provincial Cultural Relics Bureau held many special discussion sessions of "historical and cultural discussion and research around the Drum Tower" and "Restoration of Drum Tower plaques". Opinions and suggestions of experts and scholars. At the topic meeting on July 9, 2004, the relevant leaders and experts of Shaanxi Provincial Cultural Relics Bureau, Shaanxi Provincial Cultural Insurance Center, former Xi'an Cultural Relics and Garden Bureau, Shaanxi Provincial Book College and other units made the preliminary plan and improved the preliminary plan The principle of "use the original word, the size of the original word, the size of the size, the same as the original, the modern light material, but the traditional process is made" to restore the two plaques in the original appearance.
    In many years of unremitting efforts, the two plaques were hung on the drum building on April 29, 2005, reproducing the style 40 years ago. In 1953, after the Xi'an Cultural Bureau was renovated, the Drum Tower Exhibition Hall was established. During the preparation process, the idea of ​​calligraphy and painting that wanted to collect some Qi Baishi used Cheng Qisheng. At that time, Ma Yi, a staff member of the Cultural Division of the Xi'an Cultural Bureau, knew Prime Minister Zhou Enlai and took his father's letter to Premier Zhou, and assumed the task of painting in Beijing to contact Qi Baishi to paint the Drum Tower show.
    Peremia after the General Prime Minister and Qi Baishi, the old man Qi Baishi agreed to the idea. In 1954, Ma Yi and his colleagues retired from Beijing. In addition to 10 Qi Baishi's paintings and a pair of couplets, there were also paintings from Li Keran and Chen Banding. These paintings are all boutiques created by Qi Baishi about 90 years old.

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