2 thoughts on “How to buy diamond ring and three gold? What is the general budget?”

  1. To buy three gold and one diamond, first of all, you must clarify your budget. There are too many places to spend money on wedding. Buy jewelry jewelry three times a monthly salary. For example, your monthly salary is 7,000 yuan. Not too much? Maybe a friend lifts up and says what to do with three thousand a month? Don't buy a diamond ring for 3,000 monthly salary. It costs eight thousand to buy gold jewelry. Of course, if there is no eight thousand in the bars, how can someone marry you?
    The budget of 20,000 yuan Budget to buy three gold and one diamond: In the brand jewelry shop, buy a diamond ring for 8,000 yuan, 30 points of H color classic six claws. The remaining 12,000 to buy three gold can be gold bracelets, gold necklaces, gold pendants or rings.
    The gold jewelry is more than 380 grams. If you can buy one gram of 50 yuan, then you can buy about 35 grams of gold jewelry, about 25 grams of bracelets, about 7 grams of necklaces, about 3 grams of ring, basically basically, basically basically, basically basically, basically basically, basically basically 20,000 yuan budget.
    So? What about buying three gold and one drill for 10,000 or eight thousand budgets? First, I suggest not to buy a diamond ring. If you insist on buying a diamond ring, you will buy a diamond ring about 20 points and 5000 budget. The remaining purchases of gold bracelets, necklaces, and pendants are about 15 grams.
    If a friend said that I am rich and prepare to get married 100,000 to buy jewelry, then it is a 1 carat diamond ring above H color. The jewelry is not afraid that the budget can't spend more, so I am afraid that I want to buy nothing and I want to buy anything.

  2. I do n’t know much about this, and I have n’t used it, so I do n’t understand how to buy it, and I do n’t spend time studying. You can ask the professionals, where you may have the answer you want.

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