How to Translate Messages in Telegram

How to Translate Messages in Telegram

How to Translate Messages in Telegram
How to Translate Messages in Telegram

It is implementing a translation feature by bot which will be highly appreciated by the users as it will drastically affect the readability in multi-lingual groups or we can say if you have friends from different countries. In this article, we will see all the ways to translate your messages within Telegram ensuring you make your chats more accessible and inclusive.

The default translation feature in Telegram

Telegram, for example, has implemented an in-app Translate function that allows users to translate messages. How to activate and use it

Enable Translation:

Open Telegram and tap on Settings

Navigate to Language.

Show Translate Button : Toggle cancelButtonTitle

Translate Messages:

Tap and hold the message that you would like to translate.

Simply click on the Translate option as it appears.

MULTI LANGUAGE:It supports for multiple language like google translation feature, automatically translation new use translate text most of language are available.

Translation With Telegram Bots

One way to accomplish this is by using Telegram bots which can go along way to providing these translation services in your chats. Some translation bots that are commonly used are -


Begin a conversation with @TranslateBot

Translate messages by going to the bot and following the bot instructions


Invite @Transbot to your group chat.

Lookup translation through /translate [language code] [message]

They are available in several languages and provide real-time translations for better communication.

Third-Party Translation Apps

Built-in features and bots of Telegram do fulfill requirements but not always. The best part of these situations is that you have the support of third party translation apps.

Google Translate:

Telegram message copying

Copy it and paste on Google Translate app for immediate conversion.

Microsoft Translator:

Like with Google Translate - select text from incomming Telegram message, paste it into Microsoft Translator app.

You can use these apps for voice translation, offline mode and much more that offers more flexibility for different translation purposes.

Custom Keyboard Apps

Custom Keyboard Apps to Make Translating Easier Some Popular Keyboard Apps With Translation built-in:


Download Gboard from the app store and make sure that it is selected as your default keyboard.

Select the Translate icon in the keyboard to directly translate messages while typing.


Download and Activate [email protected]@protocol

Real-time Translation - Translate messages directly within SwiftKey

These keyboards work like native Telegram keyboards, so you can translate your texts without using another app.

Utilizing In-Chat Commands

On Telegram, set up in-chat commands in some groups and channels to assist in translation. How to Use These Commands

Find out the command formatMost common commands follow the format /translate [language code] [message].

Command: Type this command in the chat and receive your translation.

Useful Tips for Translating Serial Features

You are likely to still slip up as it can be challenging to pick up on the nuances without context, so make sure you review important messages.

Learn language Codes - The most common language codes are en for English, es for Spanish, fr for French, etc.Usage of language codes - The language code is added towards a specific country code. For Example - en-IN - India, en-US - United States of America.

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