3 thoughts on “Is 18K gold watches gold?”

  1. The 18K gold watch is the 18K gold film on the surface of the case, and now there is no pure gold watch. Because gold is relatively soft, it is impossible to use a case. The cases are made of stainless steel materials, but just surface treatment.

  2. "18K" refers to the pure gold content of 18 minutes, that is, 75%of gold plus 25%of other metal alloys (such as silver, crickets, zinc, nickel, etc.).
    18K gold jewelry not only has the precious value of gold, but also has the advantages of strong proportion of components and has the advantages of strong ductility, high hardness, and changeable color. Essence
    The price of 18K all gold watches generally 100,000, because the price of gold is too high now.
    Theoretically 100%gold can be called 24K gold, but in reality, it is impossible to have 100%gold, so my country stipulates that the content of more than 99.6%(including 99.6%) can be called 24K gold Essence These K gold contents are common specifications of jewelry. The state stipulates that gold jewelry below 9K cannot be called gold jewelry.
    It golden jewelry has text marks, which are regulations: foot gold-gold content is not less than 99%, thousands of gold-gold content is greater than 99.9%

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