How important is the goal in the football final? (Champions League)

The football game is divided into two kinds, one is the game for the national team, the highest level of the game is the World Cup, the other is the professional game for the club, the highest level of the game is the champions League, I have said before the importance of the World Cup final goal, let's talk about the importance of the Champions League final goal.

Real Madrid has won 5 titles in the last 10 years, especially the first title of C Ronaldo came to Real Madrid. Bale played a great role in the final, scoring a back-up goal in extra time. Unfortunately, no one remembers this goal, everyone only remembers C Ronaldo's penalty kick at the last moment.

2018 Champions League final Bale scored 2 goals, directly help Real Madrid to win the Champions League, especially the first goal is very beautiful, but everyone only remember C Ronaldo's barb against Juve, not many people will remember this championship is Bale's final 2 goals won.wolverhampton wanderers f.c. vs nottingham forest standings.

Cristiano Ronaldo won 4 Champions League in Real Madrid, the first Champions League was won by Gareth Bale and Ramos goals, but everyone remembers Cristiano's penalty kick, the second against Juve Ronaldo scored 2 goals, the third Champions League against Atletico Madrid, Ramos's goal helped Real Madrid to win the title, but everyone only remembers Cristiano Ronaldo's penalty kick at the last moment, The fourth Champions League was won by two goals from Gareth Bale, but will be remembered only for Cristiano Ronaldo's late confrontation with the referee.

Zinedine Zidane 2002 Champions League game a total of 3 goals, but he scored a final magic, all people think this Champions League is Zinedine Zidane to help Real Madrid to take, interesting is Zidane 98 World Cup final before a goal did not, but the final 2 goals, all people remember the 98 World Cup is Zinedine to help France to take, visible Zinedine Zidane is very good at final goals.


Bell why early retirement, in fact, mainly because he is very open, he will not hype, no matter how hard it is to help others do marriage clothes, Bell in Real Madrid won 5 Champions League, not to grab a golden goal before 3 did not enter, really a little sad. Ronaldo in the Champions League final play is not good, but luck is very good, do not play, teammates Benzema Bel Ramos will help him solve the problem, also took 4 golden goals in Real Madrid, visible player hype is how important, Real Madrid is very good at this, this is why C Ronaldo left Real Madrid after what honor did not get the reason.

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