1 thought on “What is the biggest trend of the 21st century”

  1. 1. Entertainment Media -See how many people who apply for the North Film Academy, the Central Academy of Drama, and the Shanghai Academy of Drama every year, you will know that people are crowded. This is a very popular industry.
    2. Needless to say, computer majors and telecommunications are absolutely popular. See how many people use their mobile phones and how many people know the Internet. The space is huge.
    3. Real estate category
    4. Jewelry jewelry: Real estate and jewelry are ranked among the top 2 money each year.
    5. Marketing. This social competition is quite fierce, and the market needs more marketers, which is hot.
    6. The transportation industry is logistics. Whoever controls the logistics will control the economic pulse!
    7. Education.
    8. Medical and biological hygiene. The money for a lifetime is used to cultivate college students and see himself. There are also buying a house mentioned earlier.
    9. Environmental energy. Sustainable development is a permanent theme.
    10. Management, no need to say more about civil servants, it has always been popular. Professional manager. China lacks such talents. After China joined the WTO, such talents are very popular.

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