What Will Happen When You Delete Your Telegram Account?

What Will Happen When You Delete Your Telegram Account?

Deleting your Telegram account is not a trivial decision. Knowing what happens when you delete your Telegram account can help you make an informed choice and brace for the outcome as well. But let's get into the details of what happens after you completely delete yourself from telegram.

What Will Happen When You Delete Your Telegram Account?
What Will Happen When You Delete Your Telegram Account?

Instant Outcomes of Account Eradication

1. Items Sent or Received Everything with your traces on it: messages, media, files, etc... will be completely deleted once you remove your Telegram account. As with some other platforms, if your account on Telegram is deleted, you cannot recover any of the data. This includes everything, which means all of your conversations - be them private, or within a group chat.

2. Loss of contact and group links Your name will vanish from the contact lists of people you introduced. Moreover, if you were the sole admin of any Telegram Groups or Channels then they will be without an admin. And in other cases, group activity can become unmoderated, or your groups will simply dissolve entirely if you do not add more admins.

3. Otherwise you lose your usernameIf you had a public username - ouch! A bit dramatic but true.Get rid of the account and you give up the username - good news too, your username will be released and other people can claim it. Once you delete your account, your old username will become available to others on a first-come, first-served basis.

4. Worse, DataBot will no longer be able to collect data - your subscriptions and bot will be handled as if they have been disabled. A bot could be an automation task, a reminder, perhaps some integration with another service that was also using your Telegram account.

Security & Privacy Concerns

5. Improved Privacy — Finally, if you are all about your privacy, then it is important to know that deleting your Telegram account clears your data from Telegram servers. This is an important aspect to consider if you are concerned with your privacy and reducing your digital footprint.

6. End All Active Sessions -closing all your active sessions on all devices. What this does is make your account completely inaccesible from any other device, which is great for security (its happened before, someone gained access to your account.)

How to Delete your Telegram Account

You can only permanently erase your Telegram account either through the app settings or you enable the self-destructive mode for unused accounts. However, if you go to, "My Account," you can find the option to permanently delete your account under "Close account permanently.

Head over to the Telegram Settings.

Then tap on 'Privacy and Security'.

Hit the Delete My Account Section

Navigate through the prompts to delete your account permanently.

See additional details and read more about what to expect and how to prepare at telegram 帳號刪除.


When you delete your Telegram account, you'll lose all data relating to that account forever. A cautionary move which you should only make if you are definitely sure that you won't need the account any more or just to eradicate all traces of you on the site. This knowledge allows you to be more aware of the effects behind this.

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