Do time travelers really exist? Are the warnings from 2048 real?

Time travel is a highly intriguing topic, a technology that until now has only existed in movies. What about the real world? Unfortunately, no!

But some legends about time travel persist, and over the years, some people have been claiming success in the future or past. They frequently tell stories of their own experiences and share details of past historical facts that are so boastful that they occasionally seem true. Today we will talk about these events!

A description from the future

A woman named Mona claimed she was from the year 2100, when the U.S. government hired her for time travel. She claimed she had visited the world in the 1950s and 1980s, but did not explain why. Mona, who lives in an underground community, says everyone looks out for each other. Besides, money doesn't work in this community, according to Mona.

Mona also mentioned that flying cars will only be used in Europe in the future. In the United States, people still drive regular cars powered by solar panels. She did not say who would be president in 2100. It also revealed that the next American president would be 65, extremely amiable, and would resolve the Asian crisis and establish peace. Another traveler claiming to be from the year 2365 suggested he was a time-traveling British citizen hired by the British government. He is reported to have spent six days in 2365 in a city whose future is unknown. He remembers standing on top of a skyscraper from which he could explore unknown cities and also see the future of transportation: planes, flying buses and cars. The man also mentioned that in the future, people on Earth will live side by side with different civilizations.39bet-xsmb-xổ số tây ninh-xổ số binh phước-xổ số binh dương-xổ số đồng nai

Food in the year 2200

A man named Davis claims to have traveled to the future and returned with 2200 years of food. He shared the so-called pill food, which in the future will be given out every month and one of these pills will be sufficient to power the body for an entire week. Davis says the pills are given away for free, which solves the serious problem of hunger and plastic polluting the planet. Mr Davies said it would become a commercial service, like air travel today, but only the wealthy could afford it. According to him, the time machine will look like a circle through which one can enter another dimension. In addition, humans will learn to live on different planets.

A warning from 6491

A man who passed a lie detector test, James Oliver, is a self-proclaimed time traveler who claims he is not from Earth but from another planet. According to him, he has been arriving here since 6491. The lie detector is notoriously error-prone, but you can't pass it if you give vague answers, thus the man's claim caught numerous people's attention. After all, he successfully passed all the lie detector tests. According to Oliver, his time machine broke, so he's stuck in 2018 and now has to stay here.

James is a future archaeologist. He would go to different periods to study them and collect different artifacts. James believes that humanity must be prepared for the greatest natural disaster and must pay special attention to the Yellowstone crater. He claims that humanity is waiting for the eruption of a supervolcano with a mouth measuring 55 by 72 kilometers. Not only would this current disaster deal a terrible blow to the United States, it would also cause a huge release of ash into the atmosphere. This would lead to a global traffic meltdown and lengthy, harsh winters, as the sun cannot penetrate the dense black fog. James suggested it would take at least five years for the effects of the eruption to wear off. All along, the United States had been barren territory, impossible for agriculture. James also mentioned that global warming will make the Earth warmer. In the future, the world will be ruled by a unified government, and in the future, devices endowed with artificial intelligence will be everywhere. Of course, only time will tell if his prediction is true.

6000 years from now

One man claimed he was part of a secret group that began traveling into the future in the 1990s. He also talks about how the Earth has changed over 6,000 years, and shows a photograph that appears to have been taken from the future. However, it should be noted that the photo is so blurry that it looks more like it was painted by children in watercolor. The traveler explained that the reason for the blurriness is that images tend to get distorted during time travel.

They also say that in the future, Earth will be ruled by artificial superintelligence, which will solve another problem -- the world's overpopulation. At the end of the conversation, the man emphasized that time travel will become commonplace by 2029.

Mankind will be destroyed in the future.​

Bella, a woman who claims to be from the year 3800 and who, according to her, lives in Albania and knows the secret technology of time travel, shows a photo from the future. According to Bella, one day she met a Belarusian physicist named Alexander Kozlov. According to Bella, this man has successfully created a time machine. Bella claimed he used a machine to send her to the year 3,800, where she successfully took pictures of the future world. Bella recounts how Kozlov's machine works, and when she finds herself in the future, she sees houses destroyed and equipment damaged around her. In the future, she claimed, humans will be destroyed by machines with artificial intelligence.

76dc0fbf86e787699913cdb595efa35fMysterious mail

In 2003, programmer Dave Hill received a number of e-mails that were marked as spam. The messages were sent by a man named Bob White, who claimed to be a stranded time traveler in 2003. In his message, Bob asks for help to create a capacitor that converts time into a large module with an induction motor for a generator. Bob may need this device to create a different time machine. As it turned out, not only had Dave received such an E-mail, but thus had numerous others from the United States, and there was a rumor that those who agreed to help Bob find what he needed had won a $5,000 reward.

A warning from 2048

A man claiming to be from the year 2048 has warned that aliens will invade Earth in the future. However, the man was later arrested. According to police, the man was detained in early October 2017 after drinking alcohol at a strong level that may have caused hallucinations. But Johnson insists he did manage to return to the state in 2048 to warn people of an alien attack. He urged all residents of the city to leave their homes immediately. He also asked for a chance to speak with the city's mayor and even the president. According to Johnson, he managed to return with the help of aliens who had drugged him. A subsequent medical examination and the testimony of the police officer confirmed that the man was extremely drunk.

I have to say, watching these stories, I truly admire the imagination of these people, as to whether you believe these stories or not, everyone has their own opinion, but they are actually told by real people, and only time will tell how many of these stories are true.

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