How to tighten the semi - trailer turntable

There are adjustment screws on both sides of this disk. You can ask professional auto repairmen and Custom semi trailer manufacturers to adjust the gap by adjusting the screws. Trailer is the main means of transportation in highway transportation. We normally can see the trailer when driving on the highway. Only the front of the trailer is powered, and the rear is not. It is recommended that all semi truck drivers should maintain their cars on time, so that they can make their cars in a relatively excellent condition.

5c77e7b16eaa11842437eee75b1f5cebIn the process of transport, do not overload driving, do not speed. If long-term overload driving, will increase the load of the engine and transmission system, which will reduce the life of the engine and transmission system. In addition, prolonged-term overload driving will make the frame metal fatigue phenomenon, serious may also appear fracture or deformation. Therefore, do not overload driving.

Don't speed in transit, either. Speeding will extend the braking distance, which can lead to serious traffic accidents in an emergency. In the process of transportation, do not drive tired. It is recommended to take a rest after four hours of continuous driving. A typical trailer has two or three drivers, so the drivers can take turns driving and rest.

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