imitation pandora jewelry wholesale Trading violation bank calls me to sell accounts

imitation pandora jewelry wholesale

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  1. cheap jewelry for sale wholesale Legal analysis: 1. Write a account sales application, stamp the official seal, bring the checks that are not used up and all information related to the bank;
    2. Single -waiting vouchers;
    4. Certificate of opening an account;
    5. The bank needs to be returned; after the verification, after the non -existing bill, you only need to fill in a check check. If you pay attention, pay attention to fill in) the deposit payment and account sales of accounts should be transferred to the company's public accounts of other banks.
    Plores: "The People's Republic of China Anti -Unfair Competition Law", the operator violates the provisions of Article 8 of the Law to make false or misunderstandings of its goods, or organize false transactions through the organization, or organize false transactions. The way to help other operators carry out false or misunderstandings, the supervision and inspection department shall order to stop illegal acts, and shall be severely punished by the fines of more than one million yuan or less, which will be held seriously, which will be severely. A fine of less than 10,000 yuan can revoke a business license.
    "The Criminal Law of the People's Republic of China" Article 225 violates national regulations, and has one of the following illegal business behaviors, disturbing market order, and severe cases. The fines of more than five times the illegal institute are particularly serious, and the imprisonment of more than five years and more than five times more than five times the fines of the illegal institution or the confiscation of property Two of the specialized, monopoly items or other items stipulated in administrative regulations) Sale import and export permits, proofs of import and export origin, and other laws and administrative regulations operating licenses or approval documents) The department approves illegal business securities, futures, insurance businesses, or illegal engagement of illegal funds and settlement business) other illegal business behaviors that seriously disrupt market order.

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