Bathtub not practical? Figure out the four and enjoy a bath every day

Should we install a bathtub in the bathroom at home?

​Maybe most families now have a lot of concerns about the installation of the bathtub, that the bathtub is a very impractical thing. Some people say that the bathtub is normally not used, but frequently wash up, extremely troublesome, especially for a small family. Originally crowded bathroom there is no room for the bathtub.

Therefore, numerous owners in the decoration, or will struggle for a long time, in the end should not install the bathtub, bathtub in the end is chicken ribs or enjoy?

​Thus how about setting aside all the external issues of space and cleanliness and looking at the role the bathtub plays in our lives?

The bathtub is mainly used for bathing. Compared with the shower, the bath can make people feel more comfortable. After work, a home bubble bath can wash away the fatigue of the day. Often, taking a bath can also make the quality of sleep better. Winter home to soak in a hot bath should be a lot of people yearn for life. There are wholesale bath bombs.

​Then how can you make the tub more practical and increase your happiness in life?

Choose a bathtub

Size of bathtub

If you prefer to take a bath frequently, and the bathroom is relatively spacious, you can choose a larger size, tiny space but also want to enjoy the bath. Choosing a mini bath with a small bathtub is also extremely excellent.

Material of a bathtub​

The average family with a limited budget chooses the affordable acrylic bathtub, which has excellent insulation and is easy to wash; ​if you want a lengthy and durable life, choosing a cast iron bathtub is better. With a few decades it is not a problem; ​for families with elevated requirements for appearance level and high budget, artificial stone bathtubs can be selected.

Function of the bathtub​

Nowadays, the bathtub on the market has various functions, such as massage, bubble bath, handrail and so on. According to your own needs, these additional functions are extremely relevant and can not be ignored.

Independent or embedded

Independent bathtub installation and maintenance are more convenient, modest apartments recommended to choose independent, installation is more flexible, and the price is more cost-effective, embedded bathtub installation is additional troublesome, but can make the bathroom space more integrated sense, relatively steep price.

Bathroom Layout

If the original space is not large, it is likely to appear extremely crowded. Then it is better to rearrange the bathroom and let the sanitary ware on the wall. For example, you can choose some simple wall hanging bathroom cabinets, such as the combination of minimalist bathroom cabinets and bathroom cabinets, which have a small shape but a large storage space and can considerably save space. There will be no sanitary blind spots.

In addition, if there is sufficient space outside the bathroom, it is best to make the structure of dry and wet separation. Not only can it give the bathtub adequate space, but also more convenient when using it.

Installation of a bathtub​

Independent bathtub to reserve a excellent outlet, according to the model of the bathtub accurate positioning, at the same time firmly, after the installation of the four sides of the bathtub leveling, waterproof test can quickly exhaust light. This is extremely vital.

The drawing of the embedded bathtub should be designed first to confirm the size and placement of the bathtub. After the bathtub groove is built, it must be waterproof and a manhole should be set in the wall of the drainage end of the bathtub.

Bath maintenance and cleaning

Don't worry too much about cleaning your bathtub. These tips are practical.

The first is the maintenance of the bathtub. The ordinary acrylic bathtub can be wiped with a soft sponge or flannelette. It is best to avoid direct sunlight, cast iron bathtub every time used to completely rinse with water, and dry with a soft cloth. Jacuzzi can be washed twice a month. Add a modest amount of detergent and bleach in the water, open the massage mode, thoroughly clean.

If there are stains on the surface of the bathtub, you can scrub the surface with a discarded soft bristled toothbrush dipped in bleach water. This will not only wash the surface, but also eliminate mildew. The scale left over by too much time can be removed with lemon and white vinegar.

The bathtub is not only a tool for bathing, but also an essential role in improving the quality of life. Once you have a bathtub, you will find that it is a highly ritualistic thing to enjoy the comfort of a hot spring at home. Therefore, the bathtub is not a chicken rib, but too many people do not grasp the essence of it and truly understand how to enjoy it, thus they will not have so many concerns.

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