Several projects suitable for small entrepreneurs Internet entrepreneurship projects

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  1. Small entrepreneurial project: Energy -saving products
    negative ionic energy saving lamps, not only energy saving, but also effectively resolving second -hand smoke in the air; the urine pond without water; The steam car washing machine ... Wang Xiumo, a researcher at the Enterprise Research Institute of Chongqing Academy of Social Sciences, said that since 2010, the energy conservation demand for home life has increased rapidly, the development group has increased, and the market -oriented product varieties have increased significantly. Coupled with the rise in prices, it has promoted the people's awareness of wealth and savings, and provided conditions for the popularization of home energy -saving products. Can invest in energy -saving products supermarkets, mainly selling products related to life. At present, such supermarkets are very popular in cities such as Beijing and Shanghai
    S small food supermarkets: small food supermarket
    Essence Therefore, it can open an alternative small food supermarket to make it absolutely different from ordinary supermarkets. Rent a facade about 20 square meters near the gate of the community where it lives. Since it is an alternative food supermarket, it must be distinctive. Can you also make money at home? Comprehensive foods for major shopping malls and supermarkets, carefully choose the varieties that are suitable for their own operations in the food wholesale markets, specialty stores, etc. At the same time, relatives and friends who often travel with them will use special foods in various places and wholesale. When opening, it is recommended to increase cartoon sugar, Kunbu, avocado, Ceylon tea, kung fu salt and other distinctive foods. In the early stages of opening preparation, decoration fee, and purchase fee, about 50,000 yuan can have this supermarket
    Stimeben entrepreneurial project: long -term benefit community bookstore
    community, it has become a frequent visitor to the bookstore. Some community bookstores are more familiar with the postman, and some readers simply order their magazines through the bookstore. Due to the community, the bookstore quickly brought a circle. Regardless of whether the book was bought or not, some people often chatted and played outside the store, creating a warm atmosphere for the community.

    S small entrepreneurial project: Green laser pen
    When making slideshow, red laser pens are currently used as auxiliary tools, but the range is close, the sharpness is not enough, the effect is not enough, the effect is effective, the effect is Actually not ideal. The internal green laser is used to produce devices, which effectively overcome the above shortcomings. It has good replacement, and high -power products are also sought after by astronomical enthusiasts. Two batteries need to be used for power at work, and the service life exceeds 5,000 hours.
    It small entrepreneurial projects: Digital porcelain portrait museum
    The main business items are works such as character art photos and other works, and the pictures are processed into porcelain statues. Investment requires about 20,000 yuan, of which 12,000 yuan is used to purchase a set of digital porcelain like bricks, roasting equipment, a computer, a scanner, a printer; 5,000 yuan for personnel salary and a 20 -square -meter store ( Including the first phase of the processing room); 3,000 yuan for mobile funds. The processing staff will simply operate the computer, and the two can operate. Having proper promotion in beginning stage.

    S small entrepreneurial project: driving a car decoration shop
    Caping according to the market, a Passat is an ordinary vehicle decoration, the fee is about 3000-5000 yuan, a mulberry car with a mulberry car, a mulberry car Ordinary decoration of the vehicle, charging at 2000-3000 yuan. However, there are relatively few vehicles for overall decoration, and they are used for local decoration. If a small store is operating normally, the monthly turnover can reach 40,000 to 50,000 yuan.
    The above is the 2015 small entrepreneurial project recommended by entrepreneurs. The year's plan lies in spring, new year, new choices, new hope. The highest investment of up to 20,000 yuan can easily open a store to make a profit.

    S small entrepreneurial project: Catering restaurant
    The catering industry has always been welcomed by entrepreneurs due to low investment threshold and strong explosive power. It is suitable for young people entrepreneurial projects. Experts in the catering industry analyzed that at this stage, it is still a project with a lot of money to make money. It is a choice that entrepreneurs can give priority to. For high school graduates, they can start from small catering companies, gradually accumulate experience and capital, and gradually make companies bigger and stronger.

    S small entrepreneurial project: color ball gas model celebration product rental store
    The project is to deal with various large -scale commerce, radio propaganda, art festival, start, start, completion, meeting, wedding wedding, wedding, wedding , Birthdays, Life, Holidays and other products such as various celebrations, rented color ball models and other products. In the early stage, the cost of rents, the cost of buying the aircraft, and other costs of about 10,000 yuan. Each gas mold supplies generally rent 150-300 yuan per day. A prefecture-level city is generally 50-60 times each year. If you can win one-third of its business, the annual profit can reach 60,000 to 80,000 yuan Essence

    Stimeben start -up project: Puzzle toy shop
    The children are most playful when they are in elementary school. When the most time is, of course, it is also time to cultivate interest. At this time, children like to play toys, but parents always worry that children will delay learning because of playing toys. How can we satisfy children and parents? That is to open a distinctive toy shop. To say what business to make money near elementary school, opening a puzzle toy shop is also a good choice. In the toy store, some ordinary toys are no longer selling, but selling some puzzle toys that can cultivate children's thinking and brain -moving brain. After all, children are consumed and they always pay for parents, so it is a win -win situation for children and parents to be satisfied.
    It small entrepreneurial project: DIY cake shop
    What business to make money near elementary school? It is also good to open a DIY cake shop. You can usually sell some small cakes and small desserts, but you can provide your parents and children on the weekend, DIY cake time. This can not only cultivate the parent -child relationship between parents and children, but also make your cake shop stand out in many cake shops.

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  2. There are many entrepreneurial projects in the market now, such as catering, entertainment, sales of daily necessities, etc. There are many types and easy to enter. If you start a business, it is recommended that you choose the way you are suitable for your own entrepreneurial method according to your own qualifications. If you need funds, you can loan a small amount.

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  3. Shanghai Xiaoben Entrepreneurship Project,
    Hangzhou Beihuoxing Network Technology Co., Ltd. focuses on the short video KOL operation business. At present, there are more than 100 employees. Large Internet companies. At the same time, it is also the first batch of practitioners and creators of short video, and the business model leaders. At present, there have been more than 1,000 e -commerce customers in Beishi Star, and the cooperative signing experts have reached 20,000. The main business of Beihuoshixing includes Douyin with goods, how to open Douyin shop, select the league settled, Douyin shop operate, Douyin entrepreneurial project, Internet celebrity cargo, short video project, Douyin live broadcast project incubation, etc. Essence

  4. There are still many Internet entrepreneurial projects, such as opening online stores and self -media, etc., are more popular Internet entrepreneurship methods. Compared with physical stores, Internet entrepreneurship investment funds are usually less.
    If you are starting a business and insufficient turnover funds, you can try to apply for borrowing. Now there are many credit platforms that help small and micro enterprises' funds turnover. Remember to choose a regular platform, such as small full finance, low interest rates, low interest rates, and 70 % of the small and micro enterprise owners of small and micro. The brand is more at ease. For small and micro -enterprise families, on May 21, 2021, Du Xiaoman Financial launched a small and micro activity with the theme of "Home and Wanyexing", providing 100,000 "daily interest millions of insurance" gift package. The quantity is limited.
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  5. DIY creative gift shop, the store not only has comprehensive business content, such as mobile phone cases, pillows, cups, various carved products, creative porcelain plates, etc., the style is novel. Customers can not only buy creative products, but also You can customize your favorite creative products according to your needs, such as printing your favorite text or patterns on the product to form creative products with personalized customization.

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