What gifts are good for winter elementary school promotion activities?

We intend to do a promotion of primary school students and parents in Nanjing. Sending small gifts to students, it is best to allow primary school students to use and spread for a long time.

2 thoughts on “What gifts are good for winter elementary school promotion activities?”

  1. Regarding the promotion of primary school students, the Xiaobian of the Fire Wolf Electronic Gifts feels that first of all, if it is a promotional gift for children, creative and novel glowing toys can attract children’s vision, like a fire wolf glowing a little doll, Q expression glowing Little night lights, fire wolves glowing small dolphins, fire wolf glowing bracelets, fire wolf electronic lighting sticks, fire wolf lighting music crystal balls, etc. These are small toys that children prefer; Some daily life small products, such as fire wolf luminous pen, fire wolf projection keychain, fire wolf glowing chest chapters, fire wolf children’s jelly watches, etc. These are all used by elementary school students. Finally, home practical small gifts, like fire wolves Folding eye -protection small table lamps, cute hours, etc. These are used by parents of children for a long time. Of course, the most important thing is to determine according to your own budget and situation.

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