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  1. Line NO.1 Rubbing Bohai-the coastal style of the Liaodian Liaodong

    style index: ★★★

    Jiehui's index: ★★★★

    The reasons for selected: In fact, there are no lack of beauty in the three northeast provinces. Except for winter, there are still many places worth going in other seasons. It is a good choice. Starting from Beijing, via Beidaihe, Qinhuangdao, Xingcheng, and Jinzhou to Shenyang, and then go to Qianshan and Dalian. Along the way, you can appreciate the magnificence of the sea, appreciate the white walls on the Liaohe Plain, and feel the romantic atmosphere of Dalian.

    The traffic line: Beijing-Beidaihe-Qinhuangdao-Shanhaiguan-Jinzhou-Shenyang-Anshan-Dalian-Tanggu-Beijing R
    Time: about 5 days

    Driving mileage: 2000km (excluding the journey from Dalian to Tianjin)

    : Beijing-Shanhaiguan-Dalian all have direct high-speed roads, less than 1,000 kilometers. Returning to Tanggu from Dalian, it feels even more special.

    S lives: Since Qinhuangdao and Dalian are tourist cities, tourism facilities are in place. It is recommended to stay in these two cities as much as possible. There are still many small villas for leased in Qinhuangdao. The household appliances are very complete. It is about 400 to 500 yuan a day. It is a good choice for a family travel.

    The food: Eating a few authentic seafood is essential in this coastal trip. The Liaodong Peninsula, which is located on the border of China, naturally has an authentic dynasty flavor.

    Tour: The first level of the world-Shanhaiguan is the starting point of the east of the Great Wall of Wanli. Roman column -type buildings include ancient Russian architecture (Russia's street), Baroque -style buildings, Japanese villa -style buildings (Nanshan Tourism Street), and Chinese classical architecture.
    Shopping: Seafood products are necessary to bring this trip to the coast. For example, pearls, 玳瑁, and dry starfish are all good products for relatives and friends. In addition, you can also buy some specialties in the Northeast, such as ginseng, velvet antler, black fungus, etc.

    Line NO.2 coconut wind, coconut wind, ca n’t stop the temptation of Hainan

    style index: ★★★★

    : ★★★★

    : 馋 馋 Index: ★★★

    The reason for selection: Sometimes people need a sense of accomplishment to encourage themselves. Traveling to Hainan Island, rented a car, set off from Haikou, and travel south. If it is a convertible, if you are not afraid of the sun, then you will be like a star in many MTVs. Driving the car from the coconut forest and feel the sea breeze by the sea.

    Blings: Haikou-Sanya-Tongshi-Wenchang-Haikou

    Time: about 5 days

    Hainan is best filled with oil in Guangzhou, because Hainan's road and bridge fees have been counted in gasoline prices. In addition, the vehicle is very cost -effective from the Huangpu ferry to Hainan, and the transportation fee is only 775 yuan. Look at the sunset on the boat and look at the sunrise, and go to Hainan when I sleep. If you drive to Hainan yourself, it will cost more than 800 yuan.

    This: There are many tropical fruits in Hainan: coconut, mango, dragon fruit, red Maodan, Xifan lotus, durian to ensure that you are dizzy, and you are fast. In addition, raw seafood is also a major feature.

    Tour: Yalong Bay -the most essence of Sanya, the most water, the finest sand. Look at the sea, look at crabs, pick up shells ... or go to diving, the shore dive 248 yuan (100 yuan in actual price), shipbuilding 580 yuan (real price 200 yuan).

    S lives: You don't have to worry about accommodation problems in Hainan. There are more than 300 hotels in the island. Haikou, Sanya, and Xinglong are the most dense. The off -season is as low as 60 % off.

    The shopping: there are people who sell crafts in Yalong Bay and Dadonghai; there are marine jewelry wholesale on the streets of Yuejin Street. Due to true and false debate, pearl chain, crystal, 玳瑁 It is best not to buy it, most of which Fake goods; Budingcha or hand letter to eat can go to Hongqi Street; buy fruits to the first market (connecting Hongqi Street). Pearl farms, Crystal Expo, Tea Art Pavilion, the best place to go, is a good place for the driver to take a rebate.

    The temptation of the west of Gannan Sichuan

    style index: ★ ★ ★ n
    R n
    The relief index: ★★★

    The reasons for selection: Here can allow travelers to find the temptation of trek, let writers find creative rich mines, and let artists find the source of soul.

    The travel line: Lanzhou-Linxia-Labrang Temple-Langmu Temple-Jiuzhaigou-Huanglong-Dujiangyan-Chengdu-Hailugou-Chengdu n
    : Time: 7 to 12 days

    : 3500km

    : From Lanzhou to Linxia Road, the road conditions are poor after entering western Sichuan. Gannan, public transportation in western Sichuan, is underdeveloped, and only operating cars between counties and counties, so driving here is the best way to travel. In addition, there are wolfs in the area of ​​the Rizai Grassland. It is very dangerous to sleep in the grassland in summer.

    S lives: From Gannan to western Sichuan, accommodation is generally cheaper. Double rooms generally do not exceed 15 yuan/person. In some places, a bed is a few dollars a night, but the conditions are very average. Poor bathing conditions. Therefore, it is recommended to bring a sleeping bag to prepare from time to time. It is expensive to enter Jiuzhaigou's accommodation, and the average four -free four rooms are hundreds of yuan per person.

    The food: The food in Lanzhou and Chengdu is well -known in the country. When there is, the first task is to eat authentic food. After entering the Gannan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, the diets such as Labrang Temple, Jorgei and other places are generally the main Sichuan flavor. It can be full about 5-10 yuan. Prairie travel must be ox and mutton. It is recommended to eat more fruits and less meat. , To prevent gastrointestinal discomfort. In addition, the diet in Jiuzhaigou is more expensive, it is best to bring dry food.

    Tour: Although the water of Jiuzhaigou Huanglong is not dare to say that it is the most beautiful in the world, the water here constitutes a fairy tale world; although the grassland of Gannan is not the widest, it contains it on the grassland The most beautiful scenery; although the Tibetan style of Aba is not unique, it has bred a Buddhist sacred place like Labrang Temple. Starting from Lanzhou, taste the characteristics of the north of Gannan and Sichuan, and then approach the spectacular Dujiangyan project, feel the Xianfeng tract of Qingcheng Mountain, and finally slowly approach Rongcheng Chengdu.

    The shopping: There are many Tibetan accessories in Gannan

    Line NO.4 Dream Sichuan and Yunnan's Qishan Xiushui driving southwest

    style index: ★★ ★★

    The fever index: ★★★★★

    馋 Index: ★★★

    The reasons for selection: Southwest region is a very economic potential Great, natural scenery, rich folk customs, a little mysterious feng shui treasure. The climate here is "one mountain is divided into four seasons, ten miles is different".

    The travel line: Chongqing-Loushan Guan-Guiyang-Liuzhou-Guilin-Beihai-Nanning-Duyun-Chongqing
    Time: about 10 days r r r r r r r r

    The itinerary: 4000km

    Line: You must have a road first, and the cultivation of the southwest passing channel will give friends who like to visit the southwest. With about nine days, starting from Chongqing, turning through Lou Shanguan, to Guiyang, via Liuzhou, entering Guilin, to Beihai, a glance of the beauty of the silver beach, then returned, entered Yaozhai and Miaojia villages, and finally returned through Hongfeng Lake to return to Chongqing.

    live: It is recommended to bring a sleeping bag.

    The food: There are also many famous food in the southwest. There are many dishes, many condiments, and family meals are mostly good. They are famous for small fried, small fried, dried, dry and spicy and spicy folk dishes. , "Eat in the mountain city (Chongqing)" finalized evaluation. Sichuan's Maotang Hotpot, Guizhou Sour Soup Cai, and the bridge -crossing rice noodles in Yunnan are all foods that must be missed.

    Tour: West Shuangbanna's natural style as the background, singing and dancing, spread throughout the Great Wall and outside; Wanchuan Xizi and Sichuan girls brought to the southwestern folk dishes on the four seas of all over the world.

    The shopping: "4 must" of "cloud smoke, expensive wine, Sichuan fruit, Tibetan medicine". Not only are Moutai, Wuliangye, Shanghai Special Qu, Jiannanchun, Quanxing Daqu, Dong Jiu, Xi Jiu and other names.

    Wide NO.5 If you drive the Central Plains 5th

    style index in history and culture: ★★★ r

    The relief index: ★★

    The reasons for selection: The Central Plains has developed economically since ancient times, and the roads are wide, which can easily shuttle between neighboring cities. Although the economy here is no longer as glory in history, the transportation is still very convenient. He drove to the land of the Central Plains, and brought the new city Zhengzhou, the ancient city of Luoyang, the Songshan Mountain of Zhongyue, and the Dark Shaolin Temple at a glance. , Get close to the mother of the mother and feel the pulse of the Yellow River beating in the Central Plains.

    Blings: Zhengzhou-Kaifeng-Baima Temple-Longmen-Zhengzhou-Shaolin Temple-Yellow River-Zhengzhou R
    Time: about 8 days

    Driving mileage: 3000km

    Rings: There are high -speed roads from Beijing to Zhengzhou, and the distance is less than 700km. There are high -speed roads between the main tourist cities in Henan, and the distance is very close, which is more suitable for driving. However, the owners must be fully prepared for the high bridge.

    S lives: The attractions in various cities in Henan are concentrated. If you hurry up, it is enough to return to Zhengzhou's accommodation, the price is cheap, and the 180 yuan mid -range hotel is already very good.

    The food: Henan is not very particular about eating, and the taste is also salty. Sometimes dozens of stalls are lined up in one word, and it looks very lively. In fact, the fried jelly. Gourmets must be prepared for thought, and they are likely to be hungry in the scenic area. It is recommended to go to the supermarket to buy five pounds of Apple to prepare in the car.

    The tour: Henan, located in the Central Plains area, has a lot of monuments. As the descendants of Huaxia, you always have to go to see it in a lifetime. Listening to those place names, there is a strong sense of history, Fuxi Terrace, Tiger Pass, Tang Yin, River, and so on. The most important thing is that you can get close to the Yellow River at zero distance!

    The shopping: Kaifeng embroidery, Tang Sancai of Luoyang, all of which are good things that can be considered. In fact, no matter whether you like to be philately, buy some scenic spots covering the local postmark on the first day is also a good way to retain memory.

    Wide NO.6 Yellow Land Root Seircies Journey to drive Beijing, Shanxi, Shaanxi Bank

    style index: ★★★★

    The fever index : ★★★

    In Xieye Index: ★★★

    The reasons for selection: Beginning in 1999, Beijing, Shanxi, and Shaanxi have become the focus of attention to self -driving tourists. Essence This line runs through the entire context of the Chinese civilization from the crown to the root of the tree. Jingpingyao Ancient City, Qiaojiayuan, Hugukou Waterfall, Party Village, Ancient City Xi'an, Huangling and Yan'an, and finally returning to Beijing. A offline, you will almost see the interpretation and process of the entire Chinese nation.

    Driving line: Beijing-Taiyuan-Pingyao-Hukou-Xi'an-Yan'an-Taiyuan-Beijing

    Time: about 6 days

    Sineling: 2000km

    : The road surface is good, but it is winding. Starting from Xi'an, the scenery along the way is beautiful. When you see the local people, you will realize the customs and customs of the foreign country. The most exciting in the trip is the mouth of the Yellow River pot, the thin momentum, the yellow mist flying in the air, you need to experience it with your heart.

    Line: This is a mature tourist route, so hotels at various prices are available, and the conditions are good. In addition, experience the Qing Dynasty's dwellings in Pingyao and the cave in Yan'an.

    The food: Loess and plateau have a wide land and sufficient sunshine. Agricultural, forests, and native products are rich. Shaanxi and Shanxi are famous for noodles with pasta. There are many types. , Bean noodles, buckwheat noodles, and noodles are made into dozens of pasta, such as knife noodles, ramen, noodles, pushing nests, enema, etc. There are 280 kinds of pasta in Shanxi.

    The tour: Jin Shang houses, ancient and dignified Ming and Qing streets, pounded pot waterfalls, thousands of loess slopes, winding Jiuqu Yellow River, northern Shaanxi Ansai waist drums, famous revolutionary holy places, and magnificent Qin Shihuang terracotta warriors and horses are all beautiful scenery. At the same time, you can also experience the simple and civilian style of the Northwest region and the passionate years of reviewing the revolutionary holy land.

    This: Pingyao beef, the Qin Terracotta Warriors and Horses Copy products for family, family, and client venues, Qin -copper car, pony replica, bright and moist Tang Sancai, stelestone stone patch, paper -cut in northern Shaanxi, handicrafts, handicrafts Shaanxi farmers' paintings, Fengxiang painted clay sculptures, Lantian jade carvings, and embroidered bellybands with auspicious meaning patterns.

    Line NO.7 Eight Thousand Miles Road Cloud and Moon self -driving traveled to South Xinjiang

    style index: ★★★★ r
    : ★★★★★

    : 馋 馋 Index: ★★★★

    The reasons for selected: 迢 Silk Road, Mianmian Pamir, Camel Bell shake Zhang Jian's wind and dust, the station is carrying the station The years of ancient roads. Such a vast field, such a beautiful scenery, driving and traveling will truly feel long, magnificent and comfortable. The southern Xinjiang is too big, and the attractions are scattered. I don't know where to start. Starting from Urumqi, centered on the Taklama -Ganan Desert, crossing the Pamir Plateau, and traveled to the southern Xinjiang. Cross the "Sea of ​​Death", see the millennium monuments, visit "Baza" and "Maza", and enjoy the national customs.

    Blipping line: Urumqi-Hotan-Kashgar-Aksu-Kuka-Turpan

    Time: about 10-20 days

    Sineling: 5000km

    : The largest cost of Xinjiang tourism should be in traffic, because Xinjiang is too large, and the average daily fare per person per day is more than 110 yuan.

    Line: People who have not reached Xinjiang may think of southern Xinjiang very hard, but in fact, otherwise. For example, Urumqi has 5 -star hotels from the hospitality. The price of 3 -star hotels is about 200 yuan, the 2 -star is about 100 yuan, and the hospitality is around 40 yuan a bed. There are also many hotels in Kashi, Kashgar, Hetian and other places. But remember one, the summer in the south Xinjiang is hot, and the house with air conditioning is rented.

    The food: For those who love mutton, southern Xinjiang is paradise. Xinjiang is the hometown of melon fruit. It is a lot of fun to eat melon fruit in Xinjiang. The seasonal fruits include watermelon, cantaloupe, peach, grapes, peaches, apricots, Li, pomegranate and so on. Do not drink hot tea after eating these fruits to avoid diarrhea. In addition, if you do not have an iron stomach, it is best not to eat snacks on the market and self -made cold drinks.

    Tour: Southern Xinjiang Tourism is roughly divided into: Silk Road culture, ethnic minority customs, Taklama Gan desert scenery, Pamir plateau scenery. Look at the desert and Polaris on the desert highway, watch the snowy mountains, Tajik at the Pamir Plateau, and Kashgar and Hetian to see Uyghur style, and Kuqi to see the Silk Road monument (Guizi Culture). Traveling in Xinjiang is more to experience the feeling of travel. Maybe looking at the ancients of the ancients before leaving, it is of great benefit to your travel.

    The shop: Yingjiha's famous knife, Hetian's jade and handmade carpets, etc., all bring good gifts to friends. In addition, Kashgar has the largest variety and the lowest price. The most attractive is a musical instrument.

  2. Departure from Shanghai-Jingdezhen, Fu Liang Gu County, Tengwang Pavilion, Tunxi Old Street, Xucun Ancient Building Group 4 days of self-driving tour, you copy the previous paragraph, Baidu, all of this Wanlong 100 accounts are all self-driving tours Because you know that you can't directly connect to the URL, you can only do this.

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