Does a fifth force really exist? What is it used for?

Learned some basic physics of the students should know that in traditional physics, there are four fundamental forces at work in the universe, the strong nuclear force and weak nuclear force, electromagnetic force and gravity, they are in a different role to play in their respective areas, each with different intensity, and they are also the reasons behind the phenomenon of the universe as we know most, from basketball to launch rockets into space, To stick to the fridge magnet, we all experienced every day all the forces can be summed up in these four key fundamental forces, but there are still many unknowns in the universe phenomenon cannot be explained by the four fundamental forces, such as we still don't know what dark energy is, how it is expansion of the universe, or what exactly is made of dark matter, This not only led scientists to wonder if there was a fifth unknown force in the universe.

Many people doubt the existence of a fifth force, but does it truly not exist? Until now, our knowledge of physics was limited. As for the fifth force, numerous scientists were sure it existed, but they didn't completely understand it. In a piece of data collected by the Hubble Space Telescope, scientists found that something was missing. It could be an energy source or a force that interferes with the Hubble Constant. The universe is expanding, and the Hubble Constant is the number that describes the expansion of the universe, but one problem that comes up when we try to understand this phenomenon is that we don't have the right knowledge to analyze this force, which means our physics is incomplete.

We may have to alter a lot of what we know about the physics of the universe to understand what we don't know yet, which may frighten a lot of people. After all, humans are constantly afraid of the unknown. Researchers from the University of Nottingham have found that hypothetical particles called symmetrons are creating invisible walls in space and keeping galaxies in their orbits, but what exactly is this hypothetical particle? No one knows.

For years, scientists have tried to understand dark matter and dark energy in terms of our current particles and forces, but they just can't explain major cosmological phenomena, such as why the universe is expanding faster than ever before, or what ties the shapes of galaxies together. Interestingly, the two phenomena are related to some extent. One candidate explanation is the so-called Simatron field, which is claimed to permeate space like the Higgs field.

The Higgs field is a theoretical energy field that exists in every region of the universe. The field is accompanied by a known elementary particle called the Higgs boson. Because the Higgs boson is also called the god particle, it is the magnetic field is used to continually interact with different particles (such as electrons), and the Higgs boson for each access to its magnetic particles to provide quality, so scientists think that it can interact with it all create shapes (such as a galaxy), but all this is only speculation.

To prove that there are truly invisible walls in space, scientists have to peer through telescopes into the early universe. And space instruments like the James Webb Telescope, which can see the early light of the universe, could help. In about the early universe model, scientists assumed that tiny galaxies should be scattered in a cluttered galaxy revolve around a larger galaxy, but most revolve around large galaxies of tiny galaxies are arranged in thin and flat plains. It is intriguing to note that these disks or plane and Saturn's rings are extremely similar, which makes the space seem to be an invisible wall, Arrange these galaxies into an ordered structure.39bet-xsmb-xổ số tây ninh-xổ số binh phước-xổ số binh dương-xổ số đồng nai

Astronomers commonly refer to these walls as galactic satellites, which can be located in synchronous orbits throughout the Milky Way, and have also observed them in neighboring galaxies over the past few years. However, as with the Higgs, whose mass is unknown until the particle's existence is confirmed, the physics of the symmetron cannot be determined and accurately predicted, unlike the Higgs boson, whose existence has been confirmed by experiments on Earth. But no one can say the quality of the symmetric child is how great, no one can say how they interact with normal matter. That's why they are called the schrodinger's cat, because it is difficult to prove their existence, also have no way to open the box, scientists speculated that possibly the other four forces may provide clues!

As we mentioned earlier, the four natural forces that govern the observable universe are gravity, electromagnetic force, weak nuclear force, and strong nuclear force gravity. Gravity is the force that causes any two things with mass, such as atoms, people, planets, stars, etc., to attract each other. The greater the mass, the stronger the pole. Electromagnetic force is a mixture of electricity and magnetism that, in fact, explains more than electromagnetic force how positively or negatively charged things interact. Magnetic charges can produce electric charges and vice versa. These interactions are responsible for generating electricity, which is an essential electromagnetic phenomenon. It pushes and pulls on objects mainly by the energy in objects like batteries and magnets, but it also includes light, which is simply waves of electromagnetic radiation. The last two forces are theoretically stronger than gravity, but they only work at the microscopic level, over extremely short distances, which means that in the tiny spaces between atoms and smaller spaces, quantum physics starts to make everything seriously weird, which is why they're called the strong and weak nuclear forces.

188c7f5ec867ead16cdbedf21054b8d7In fact, the strong nuclear force is the strongest of the four known forces, basically the glue that holds everything together. It's responsible for keeping protons and neutrons stable and then allowing them to join and become atomic nuclei. The weak force, as opposed to the strong, is responsible for radioactive decay. It controls how things break down at the nuclear level. Of course, the weak nuclear force is also responsible for fusion, and keeping our lovely sun bright and warm.​

But we only understand what these forces are, we don't understand what they do, what they do, why they exist, and for this question, scientists have come up with something called the force carrier particle effect. Force carriers are particles that transmit information between things and tell them how to behave, and you can think of force carriers as tiny constructions of each of the four fundamental forces. Not only do they lay out all the rules of how to behave, but they compel force behavior according to these rules. You can call them a force to force them, or call them the most powerful force ever to force them, and these force carriers are all classified as bosons.

In 2015, the Hungarian academy of sciences, a team of physicists see referred to in the physics department of university of California at irvine exceptions in the confusion of experimental data, the Hungarian uncertain what is abnormal, but they point out that there are different light particles, Hungarians could not calculate the particle quality, just like photons. Later, a physics professor at the university of California, irvine, Jonathan will the particle named x bosons, at least so far, it is considered that x boson carried by force and electromagnetic force is extremely similar to that of the normal power ACTS on the electrons and protons found the original bosons only interact with electrons and neutrons, and limited scope, That's what we know as the X boson, and that's what the fifth force is supposed to be.

​Current research from the University of Nottingham suggests that this fifth force may be responsible for forming the walls of space between and around galaxies, but further details about this research are yet to be released. Do you think there actually is a fifth force? Leave a comment!

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