Quantum entanglement could help humans teleport?

Teleportation -- is that really possible? I'm sure most of us have thought about having this powerful skill, being able to disappear from one place and reappear intact in another, rather than tearing it in half. You can have breakfast at your favorite bakery in Shenzhen. You can spend a day on the beach in Hainan, or even send yourself to the moon before coming home for dinner. And these fanciful ideas don't seem impossible to scientists! Hello, everyone, the tiny monster is here. Today we will talk about the scientists' view on teleportation!

Yes, scientists have been working on the idea for more than a decade, ever since humans began to have it. If this amazing technology is developed for humans, it will be feasible to travel great distances without physical traversal. The gap between global travel will become zero distance. That is to say, the means of transportation may be eliminated by society. Of course, more importantly, planetary travel will be reduced to a simple step, so what exactly do scientists have in mind for this skill?​

We understand that to investigate the possibility of such instantaneous transmission, we have to start at the micro level. A group of six international group of scientists were studying the subatomic contact transmission probability, and show that the single photon concentrated light field, the movement of nuclear spin and restricted system such as ion although does not apply to material, but quantum contact transmission in information transmission and the development of quantum computers might be revolutionary, this may lead to subatomic the emergence of the Internet, Among them, according to some experts, the limitations of existing networks have been overcome by increasing privacy, security and computing power.39bet-xsmb-xổ số tây ninh-xổ số binh phước-xổ số binh dương-xổ số đồng nai

Previously, physicists thought perfect teleportation was impossible even at the subatomic scale because it violated the uncertainty principle in quantum physics. This concept asserts that the more precise an item is measured or seen, the easier it is. Due to the interference of the measurement behavior, this means that it is impossible to make a perfect replica, because we can't accurately reproduce the original without affecting its quantum state.

However, a group of scientists discovered a way around this problem in 1993, through a paradoxical property of quantum physics called the Einstein-Podolski-Rosen effect. In 1935, Einstein and his postdoctoral researchers in a paper for the first time put forward the thinking behind this effect experiment. The experiment described a phenomenon called quantum entanglement, in this kind of phenomenon, two or more than two entangled objects (such as the photon) of quantum state, even though miles apart also have the same state that is quantum entanglement phenomenon.

This skill is really mentioned in the movie Star Trek, but unfortunately the transporters and flying cloaks of Star Trek are only a distant future possibility, and currently defy the laws of physics. According to Einstein's special theory of relativity, it is impossible for humans to travel at the speed of light. Moreover, in order for a computer to transport a transporter, the energy of every tenth of the 28 atoms that make-up the human body must be identified and analysed, which is nearly a trillion atoms. And then this wonderful machine has to transmit that information to another wonderful machine that can accurately reproduce the human body in another place. If your molecules are off by a millimeter when they recombine, you could suffer serious neurological or physical damage.

94b8bfd145c6a81e9050238b1d68d44dIn short, the entire program functions like a fax machine, with each transmission leading to the digitalization of every aspect of the human body, including the sender's memories, emotions, and so on. Of course, this is all but a fantasy. In fact, scientists are only now beginning to unravel the complexity of entanglement and how it allows for quantum teleportation. In the initial study, three particles will be involved in the process, with one particle transmitting its state to two distant entangled photons. Scientists called this the teleportation, because a set of a certain quality of particle disappear at one point, another with the same set of properties of particles disappear at another point, really these quantum bit of information equivalent to the basic unit of binary bits of information, the binary computer work in basic consists of 1 s and 0 s, A qubit, on the other hand, is a unit of information that can exist as both a 1 and a 0, due to the principle of superposition. This fundamental feature enables quantum computers to store additional data and quickly reason about complex problems by examining multiple paths simultaneously and choosing the most efficient one.

The no-clone theorem for exact replication of quantum states will permanently revolutionize the way we store, transmit and encrypt data, although we are still a long way from a true quantum age. But scientists are working towards this goal. The quantum entanglement is the detailed process of how to work. Scientists understand exactly the tip of the iceberg, even Albert Einstein can't even explain it, and he named it an "unpredictable event", and physicists to today just touched the surface of the subject. Most experiments require a lot of preparation work. ​Possibly most notably, in 2017, Chinese researchers demonstrated for the first time the quantum teleportation of an independent single-photon qubit from a ground-based observatory to a low Earth orbit satellite at a distance of up to 1,400 km, a historic breakthrough! Previously, only remote transmission tests were carried out at distances of about 100 kilometers, but now a global quantum Internet is no longer a distant dream.

And with the improvement of encryption technology, the researchers recently passed from individual electrons create qubits to entwine extended to electronics, because electrons in the space is restricted, which proved more these findings using natural transmission of photons is more difficult, they are for the future research on material all the spin state of quantum contact transmission laid a solid foundation, All of this is part of what scientists are calling the second quantum revolution. The revolution began in the 20th century with the discovery of the quantum world and its seemingly strange laws by scientists such as Heisenberg, Schrodinger and Einstein. We are still a long way from this current universe based on quantum physics and mind-bending concepts, and it is in this way that the quantum future opens up endless possibilities, and the idea of teleportation may become a reality!

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