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  1. 1. How much is one carat diamond ring?
    The average price of one carat diamond rings is between 50,000 and 300,000 in the domestic jewelry market.
    The price of diamond ring is jointly determined by a variety of factors. Even the same weight diamond ring will have different prices due to different brands and quality. The same is true for 1 carat diamond ring. As for the specific price of 1 carat diamond ring, it is necessary to determine based on quality, brand, material, and style.
    2, how big is one carat diamond?
    The standard circular diamond diameter of one carat diamond is 6.49 mm, and one carat (1CT) is 0.2 grams.
    But the shape of the diamond is different, and the size will be different. For example, the diameter of a round one -carat diamond is 6.49 mm, while a princess square diamond diameter is 5.5 mm.
    The diameter of one carat diamonds is also different, namely: emerald 5 mm, pear -shaped 5.5 mm, elliptical 6.5 mm, heart -shaped 6.5 mm, olive -shaped 5.5 mm, Reidien -shaped shape 4.75 mm.

  2. The one-carat diamond ring is better than 50,000-300,000 yuan.
    The diamond ring will be very different because of the different 4C parameters of the diamond. The level of diamonds is divided according to its 4C quality. 4C refers to the size (carat), color, clarity, and cutting, of which 1 carat = 100 points.
    The color is divided into 11 levels of D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, N, and the purity is subdivided as LC according to the standards of Chinese national inspection. VVS1, VVS2, VS1, VS2, SI1, SI2, P1, P2, P3 have a total of 10 levels.
    This diamonds are divided into excellent, good, good, and good, generally 5 levels. Cutting levels are divided into ID (standard), EX (excellent), VG (good) G (good) G (good) g (good) g (good) g (good) g (good) g (good) from high to low according to high to low. G (good).
    The quality of the 4C of the diamond is very important. More importantly, you can choose a ring that is suitable for you and has a certain meaning. I have a friend who booked one carat diamond ring and spent more than 100,000. Remember to be music. Vess's real -name diamond ring has only one person in his life, implying that he only loves one person throughout his life. I feel that such a real -name diamond ring is more like a man's true love commitment. Essence

  3. The price of diamond ring is mainly used by diamond quality, that is, 4C standards: carat weight, color, clarity, and cutting. One carat diamond ring is expected to not wait for 30-100,000. According to the quality of diamonds you choose, the general quality on the market is expected to be 3-4W, and the better price is higher. The original poster can go to the world jewelry to understand ~

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  5. How much is the price of 2 carat diamond rings? The price of 2 carat rings is about 100,000 yuan. Under normal circumstances, the price of 2 carat diamond rings is mostly about 200,000. In some brands, you can also see a 2 -carat diamond ring as low as 60,000 yuan and a 2 -carat diamond ring of up to 400,000 yuan. There are some 2 carat diamond rings below 100,000 yuan cheaper, and you can buy it in less than 100,000 yuan. As we all know, the price of diamonds is mainly determined by its 4C quality. In addition to knowing the size, the color, clarity, and cutting level of diamonds are the key factor that determines its price. The quality of 2 carat rings below 100,000 yuan is relatively low. Usually the color level is in the I color and below, and the clarity level is mostly distributed in the SI level, and the cutting work is mainly concentrated in the VG level. The price of 2 carat rings of 150,000 to 150,000 to 2000,000 yuan is relatively moderate, and the quality is relatively high. It seems that there is no obvious flaw in the naked eye, and there will be no yellowish situation. It is more suitable for daily wear. Such a 2-carat diamond ring level is mainly concentrated in F-H color, VS1-VVS2 clarity level, and EX. 2 carat diamond rings with a price of more than 300,000 yuan can be called boutique. In all color levels, D (colorless) represents the highest color level. Usually it costs a D -color diamond ring for more than 300,000 yuan. 3EX. Most of the higher -level 2 carat diamond rings have a certain ability to maintain appreciation and can be used for investment.

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